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From accountants and IT firms, to dental and law practices, a wide range of professional services lose money consistently to unclaimed parcel refunds. Late shipments, unused shipping labels, invalid residential surcharges, there’s a plethora of ways a shipment can be overbilled. Any errors should be recognized and rectified by the carriers, but it’s required that the customer notify the shipping company of the mistakes, a process that requires a timely analysis of each shipment and frustrating phone call to recoup the charges. It’s your money, you shouldn’t have to put in extra work to get it back. Share A Refund is here to help with comprehensive parcel auditing, lost and damage claim filing service and carrier agreement optimization. Service-based businesses recoup shipping expenses automatically with Share A Refund.

Putting money back into professional service organizations daily

Every year, over $2 billion of refunds go unclaimed. The most popular carriers make a handful of common mistakes, including double billing, late delivery, and surcharges. With Share A Refund, you can stop feeding into their pockets and funnel your savings back into your business. With every professional service, the goal is to help customers and increase your bottom line. Parcel auditing helps achieves those goals, one invoice at a time.

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