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As a private equity firm, you increase the value of acquired companies companies by upgrading systems and making procurement processes more efficient. Did you know billions of dollars are lost annually to unclaimed refunds on shipping costs? That’s where Share a Refund can help. As you work to get companies in better shape, Share a Refund works to get parcel auditing in better shape to secure maximum refund on shipments. Share a Refund exists to ensure your operations get the most out of every dollar you spend as it works to secure savings on daily shipments.

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Share a Refund is designed to improve efficiency across shipping processes. Think of Share a Refund software as your personal audit manager. Each shipment is reviewed by the most up-to-date technology and designed to save you and your company’s money on shipping. Spend less time worrying about shipping charges and more time focused on operational excellence.
An audit is performed on each shipment billed to your UPS account. If a mistake or overcharge is found, Share a Refund files a dispute automatically, with the exact information required by the carriers to deliver a refund back to your account. These refunds are automatically applied as credits to your shipping invoices. And once those savings have been secured Share a Refund reports on the success. It’s all upside for your private equity firm and its companies. Everything’s automatic. No extra work for anyone on your staff. On average, businesses collect 2-5% in refunds that were not being currently collected. Operations that were already outsourcing parcel auditing to a third-party make the switch to Share a Refund for lower fees. Most auditors charge service fees on automatic refunds provided by the carriers back to customers. Refunds that the auditing company took no action to secure. It’s not the wise way to go. Share a Refund is a performance-based technology, splitting the savings secured by Share a Refund, 50-50. Make the hassle-free, no-risk move to get the savings waiting to be claimed.

Works on internal accounts. Works on portfolio companies.

Superior tech yields better results. More refunds. Less fees.

Share a Refund is the most award-winning parcel auditing app ever.

Private equity firms that make the switch to Share a Refund save up to 70% in service fees.

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