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Automated multipoint audit is performed on each shipment

Share A Refund analyzes each shipment within a FedEx® or UPS® account using a comprehensive inspection, including items like: late delivery, surcharges, double billing and more.

The audit performed on each shipment is based on years of experience in shipment auditing. Over $1B worth of shipments have been auditing by the Share A Refund platform.
Auditing services are supported with proprietary software that delivers industry-leading numbers on speed and precision in the analysis performed on each shipment.
Share A Refund finds more refunds, faster with better software.

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Share A Refund performs a multipoint check on each shipment to find any potential refund credits. Reasons why a shipment is eligible for a refund credit include: late delivery, duplicate charges, commercial surcharges, and more. Share A Refund covers all possibilities for refund credits.
Share A Refund’s proprietary software finds more refund opportunities in less time.

How it works

Share A Refund retrieves recent invoices from FedEx® and UPS® accounts, and analyzes each shipment individually. When a package meets the criteria for a refund credit being secured, Share A Refund updates information related to that package, so that other services within Share A Refund can perform actions on the shipment to reclaim a refund credit back to the shipping account.

Auditing activities for each shipment are available within the Share A Refund application, across several pages and various exportable reports.


Share A Refund audits shipping accounts in near-real time. FedEx® and UPS® bill customers on a weekly basis. As such, new invoices are added to a shipping account each week. Share A Refund retrieves these invoices and processes the shipments immediately.

The length of time an audit takes is dependent on the number of shipments within a given invoice. One thousand shipments per hour is the baseline estimate. Once complete, the results are published to a customer’s Share A Refund account.
Services within the Share A Refund application act automatically on shipments, according to a scheduled timeline. Any inputs required are communicated via email and notification within the Share A Refund dashboard.

In-depth reports on all auditing activities are available for download within Share A Refund. These reports are described in detail on the in-depth reporting service section. Learn more.

New shipping accounts

Share A Refund analyze shipments as far back as refund opportunities exist within an account. The amount of time is variable by account type and shipping activity. Generally, the length of time Share A Refund audits is between one month and six months historically. Under normal circumstances, this is a sufficient length of time to extrapolate the number of late packages and the savings potential within an account over a longer period of time. Longer periods of time can be audited on new customer accounts, upon request.

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