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Comprehensive management of lost and damaged claims.

For many shippers, the process of filing claims for lost and damaged shipments is completely manual. The collection of documents, data entry and filing of claims takes upwards of 10 minutes on each and every claim. There’s a better way. Share A Refund automates the entire process.
Share A Refund performs all necessary actions to recover savings according to best practices and the rules specific to your business. The benefits are clear: time savings and the recovery of more refunds.
This award-winning tool is used by some of the largest shippers in the world to recover savings on lost and damaged shipments automatically.
Already a customer? Enable this tool from within Share A Refund by completing the lost and damaged claims service form located inside the customer dashboard. Topics within the help center provide getting started guides specific to each type of shipping account and insurance program.

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No need to file claims yourself. It’s boring, tedious and frankly not a good use of your time. When a shipment is lost or damaged, Share A Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. You collect the refunds issued by the carriers.

How it works

Share A Refund is the most sophisticated lost and damaged claim filing service available to your business.
The requirements for submitting a claim are varied across carriers and the insurance program in effect for a given customer account. That said, the parts of a claim submittal include three essential documents: 1. commercial invoice, 2. credit memo and 3. claim form provided by the carrier.
Share A Refund prepares all of these documents in a claim submission that’s sent to the carrier automatically. All claims are filed according to best practices and tracked throughout the lifecycle of the claims management process.
Once per week a report details all lost and damaged claims and any actions that are required to recover refunds. For most customers, there’s no action required whatsoever. All lost and damaged claims are completely automated and outsourced to Share A Refund.
“The lost and damaged service is the best addition to Share A Refund yet. It saves us hundreds of hours each year.”
Sophia R.
Small business owner

Advanced flexibility

Every business operates differently. That’s why Share A Refund includes flexibility at every part of the lost and damaged claim filing process. The workflow and attributes specific to your carrier, insurance type, and the business rules that define your operation are customizable within the Share A Refund dashboard.

Customizable templates

Each carrier specific insurance type, for example UPS® Capital Flexible Parcel Insurance, has a predefined workflow template that allows for turnkey setup, and ensures best practices are in place for maximizing refunds from the carriers. These templates are a great starting point for building more complex workflows, such as uploading pictures, appending invoice documents, among others.

Features built-in


This feature prepares and submits claims automatically within your account. This feature saves shippers hundreds of hours each year. Claims are filed quickly and accurately every time.

Easily upload pictures

High-value-items shippers, such as jewelers and vintners require pictures to be submitted. Share A Refund provides a page where pictures can be attached to claims submitted. You just upload the pictures. Share A Refund does everything related to processing the claim and reporting the results.

One-click claims

The shipment detail view for any given shipment allows shippers to file claims in a single click. This makes it easy to process damaged shipments that weren’t reported by the carriers while in transit.

Include service failures

For perishable shippers, such as food-subscription boxes or seafood distributors, filing claims on shipments delivered one or more days late is a business requirement. This setting within your Share A Refund account enables filing claims on the perishable goods delivered late.

Flexible terms

The three pricing options for using the Share A Refund lost and damaged claim service are defined below. With flexible terms, you can select the pricing model that’s best for your business.

Weekly reports

All activity related to lost and damaged claims is reported within a weekly digest email that’s sent to the recipients specified on your account. This makes it easy to stay up-to-date on all activity on your shipping account(s).

Detailed reports

Interactive charts and graphs, formatted pdf reports and excel exports are available within the reporting dashboard of your account. These reports provide key insights for lost and damaged shipments.

Supports all major carriers


Claims submitted through your FedEx.com account, through individual processing or bulk upload is a thing of the past. Share A Refund files claims on FedEx.com for you automatically.


Claims submitted through your UPS.com account are completely automated with Share A Refund.

UPS Capital®

All insurance policy types offered by UPS Capital® are supported by Share A Refund. This includes the options that are defined below.

  • Flexible Parcel Insurance
  • Flexible Parcel Multi-Carrier Coverage
  • High-Value Goods: Parcel Pro™
  • UPS Capital Elite™ for Vintners


DHL® insurance policies are supported by Share A Refund. No need to lift a finger processing your lost and damaged claims going forward. Let Share A Refund manage it for you.


Save time

No more filling out pdf’s, submitting electronic forms and responding to carrier emails. All the time spent on this task is better spent on other significant parts of the business.

Get more refunds

All claims submitted according to best practices. That means everything is submitted to the carriers on time and with all the necessary paperwork required to get refunds approved. The result is three-fold: There’s less back and forth emailing from the carriers, claims get approved faster, and more claims get approved.



Pay as you go

$ 5 per claim
  • Simple pricing terms
  • Works at any volume
  • AutoFile features
  • One-click claims
  • Upload pictures
  • Service failures
  • Weekly reports

Gain share

50%  Of Savings
  • Performance pricing terms
  • Works at any volume
  • AutoFile features
  • One-click claims
  • Upload pictures
  • Service failures
  • Weekly reports


$ 5000 Per Month
  • High-volume shippers
  • AutoFile features
  • One-click claims
  • Upload pictures
  • Service failures
  • Weekly reports

Built for low volume shippers

For low-volume shippers, the process of auditing for lost and damaged shipments, filing claims and tracking refunds is missed completely. The reason why is simple: time. The collection of documents, data entry of forms and filing of claims takes upwards of 15 minutes on each and every single claim. And with lost and damaged shipments only occurring a small percentage of the time, dedicating resources toward recovering these funds doesn’t make financial sense. Claims filing is left as an auxiliary task in a manager’s already busy day, and usually is last on the to-do list.
Share A Refund helps low-volume shippers recover funds related to lost and damaged shipments by automating the entire process. The costs recovered through this fully outsourced business process are all upside for shippers that don’t have the time to file lost and damaged claims manually.

Built for high volume shippers

Dedicated personnel assigned to processing lost and damaged claims utilize the resources built into Share A Refund to streamline and automate the entire process. The repetitive task of completing forms, downloading invoices and credit memos from ordering systems, and submitting the documents electronically for each shipment is done faster and more accurately by Share A Refund.
The Share A Refund lost and damaged service is used by shippers that spend upwards of $100M per year on shipping. The built-in tools provide the flexibility to operate ethically in submitting claims with the carriers.


The sequence of events for filing lost and damaged claims are based on the carrier, insurance type and the settings within your account. The timeline listed below is the average of for all carriers, and a good overview of the timeline of events within the automated workflow.

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