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White-label shipment audit and recovery software for your business.

Government, Large enterprises and small businesses use Share A Refund.

No credit card or software download required.

Your customers save money

This app saves businesses time and money by finding and claiming refund credits within their FedEx® and UPS® accounts, automatically.

Just think of this app like autocorrect — only for shipping accounts.

Any time a package is delivered late, billed twice, overcharged, lost or damaged the app sees the mistake and files a claim for the owed refunds. For carrier agreement negotiations, valuable shipping data and shipment industry proficiency are leveraged to negotiate UPS®, FedEx® and DHL® contracts for the most successful rates. All services built into this app are expertly designed to save businesses money and increase efficiency.

You collect the service fees

When savings are secured, customer invoices and payments are processed automatically. Transactions are directed toward your Stripe merchant account.

Easy to setup, use & maintain

A simple onboarding process makes setup a breeze for both you and your customers. Easy-to-follow tutorials and a comprehensive resource center make it easy to manage your account.

Support Portal

Your branding everywhere

Website, app, help center, emails, credit card statements, everything.

Use our software.

Hear reseller success stories

Brilliant Solutions Group, a business composed of Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, provides strategic solutions tailored to meet business and industry-specific needs. Brilliant Solutions Group CEO Mariko Hayashi-Hall is constantly discussing customers’ growing needs and looking for products to bolster customer service and the product portfolio. As a company that already offers a variety of customized services, adding shipment auditing, filing lost and damaged claims, and carrier agreement optimization services to the lineup would fuel growth.
"It’s like finding the money you didn’t know you had.”
Mariko Hayashi-Hall
CEO of Brilliant Solutions Group

Robust services

We’ve brought together the ultimate solutions portfolio that includes shipment auditing, carrier agreement optimization and filing lost and damage claims to provide robust parcel managed services.

Shipment audit and recovery

A comprehensive audit is performed on each shipment, assessing each individual charge that is billed to a shipment to ensure accuracy. Dollars are delivered back into your business weekly.

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Carrier agreement optimization

Data is leveraged to expertly negotiate carrier contracts and secure the best rates in the industry. Businesses are missing out on 10-20% of savings annually that could be obtained using seasoned industry experts in the negotiation process. A shipping profile audit is conducted to determine applicable areas to reduce a customer’s shipping costs. A contract optimization expert will assess and analyze the current carrier agreement and showcase savings potential based on current volumes, carrier pricing agreements, and benchmarks. Carrier contracts are optimized for long-term success without customers having to invest long hours in the process.

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Filing lost and damaged claims

When a shipment is lost or damaged, Share A Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. Saving you time and money. This award-winning tool is used by some of the largest shippers in the world to recover savings on lost and damaged shipments automatically.

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all services

What we give you

We do all the heavy-lifting and perform all of the shipment auditing services. You’re free to promote and sell this cost-savings service however you see fit to your customers.

Your branding everywhere

Your brand name is the only one your customers will see on the web app, marketing materials and even invoicing.

Web app

Automated small parcel auditing services provided by Share A Refund are automated by your branded, exclusive web app.

Customer help center

Frequently asked questions and how-to guides are available to customers from within your web app.

Marketing materials

Email templates, banner ads, postcards, phone sales scripts, and more.

Single-page website

A responsive marketing web-page can be used to promote the service to your prospective customers.


A free parcel audit web tool that instantly uncovers potential refunds on recent FedEx®, UPS® and DHL® shipping invoices.

Your branding everywhere

Website, app, help center, emails, credit card statements, everything.

Major selling tools

A prospectus, in technical terms, is a document describing the major features of a service in enough detail so that prospective customers may evaluate it. This Prospectus exists to instantly uncover potential refunds on recent FedEx®, UPS® and DHL® shipping invoices and display those savings in an easily digestible report for prospective customers to review. Prospectus levarges real transportation data to provide an accurate view of refunds. See the scenarios below on how to incoporate it into your overall selling strategy.

Large companies

Analyzing recent invoices is often more appealing than providing the login credentials to a carrier website for larger companies. Prospectus bridges the gap between corporate policy and showcasing the value of your reseller business as a strategic partner.

Existing providers

Any prospect that’s already working with a competitor can quickly see the refunds that would’ve been secured, and compare the results to the work that’s being performed currently. This, in combination with a demo of the software, is the ultimate selling strategy.


It’s more compelling to act when the overspend is quantified. Prospectus showcases the money being left on the table.

Quick and easy setup

Provide us with some simple information and do a few easy tasks. We take care of the rest.

Simple webform

A webform collects the information required to create your reseller account, logo, address, etc.

Onboarding videos

Sales and system administration coaching videos explain the finer points of shipment auditing and how to use the app.

No coding required

We do all the heaving-lifting on the 1’s and 0’s.

Zero barrier to entry

There are no fees associated with getting started or creating a reseller account.

An instant audit and reporting tool included as one part of the reseller program.

Dozens of features

The reseller shipment auditing platform is the most powerful, best-in-class small parcel auditing and communication platform available on the market. Below are some of the built-in features:

Automated signup process

Onboarding new customers is a breeze. The four-step signup process is quick and easy.

Integrated billing system

Invoices are automatically generated and emailed directly to customers, based on each customer’s settings, including: invoice terms, service fee percentage and payment method. All of these items are things you manage and control.


Customers can securely store credit cards on file and enable AutoPay to make paying invoices easy.

Advanced business analytics

Detailed, multi-page pdf documents are provided free of charge to customers. These documents showcase potential savings related to package optimization, rate negotiation and more.

Automated notifications

Weekly notifications are sent to customers from your email address that outline all shipping and auditing activities performed on the account, as well as the refund credits delivered. These emails can be sent to multiple recipients for a given customer, all managed within a customer’s profile.

Built for teams

Each person on your team has a individual login and settings specific to that account. All changes are tracked to users and logged within the reseller dashboard.

256-bit encryption

Bank-level security keeps account and shipping information secure.

99.99% average uptime

Resilient and fault-tolerant software built by an experienced team of software engineers.

100% responsive design

Looks great on any phone, computer or tablet, making managing your reseller business easy, even when you’re on the go.

One-of-a-kind services

Unique features are included that no other small parcel auditing companies on the market offer. Take Lost and Damaged Claims Management as an example. The app files lost and damaged claims for shippers. Removing the hassle of customers filing and following up on claims themselves. This is all built-in.

Comprehensive support and training

We’re happy to provide great support. It’s all a part of making your reseller program a success.

Training resources

Video tutorials for resellers explain how to use the dashboard.

Marketing materials

Single-page, responsive marketing website is provided upon registration, along with email templates, banner ads, postcards, phone sales scripts and more.

US-based phone support

Answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Pricing models and invoicing

Every business operates differently. That’s why Share A Refund includes flexibility at every part of the shipment auditing and recovery process. We believe allowing customers to make decisions that meet their unique business needs is one of the best ways to do business.

Gainshare pricing

In the gain-sharing option a portion of the earnings received will be split with Share A Refund. Share A Refund’s performance-based option means the customer only pays if Share A Refund makes them money. This is a great option for low-volume shippers where the process of auditing for lost and damaged shipments, filing claims and tracking refunds is missed completely. You have control to negotiate this rate down for your customers.

Fixed-fee pricing

A set price is issued per shipment audited or per lost and damaged claim filed. You have control to negotiate this rate down for your customers.

Integrated billing system

Invoices are automatically generated and emailed directly to customers, based on each customer’s settings, including invoice terms, service fee percentage and payment method. You collect the money. All of these items are things you manage and control.

Automated branded invoices

We aim to get our resellers and your customers paid faster with automated invoicing and we believe in extended your brand in the process. Your brand will appear on every invoice your customer receives.

Credit terms

0 days terms is applied to all customer accounts by default. You have full control over the credit terms applied to customer accounts, including 7, 14, 15, 30 and 45 day terms.


We use efficient and secure payment platform to make invoicing and payments painless.


All credit card numbers are encrypted and stored within Stripe using AES-256 encryption. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of certification available. All information managed by Stripe is protected within the Stripe privacy and security policies and adheres to federal regulations.

AutoBilling of customers

Enable AutoBilling to make invoicing customers easier.

Customer payments

Funds from the payment of customer invoices are directed to your bank account. Credit or debit card payments are processed through All transaction data flowsthrough your account, and funds are transferred directly to your bank account first.

Service fees and terms

We collect half of the service fees that are billed to your customer. There are no setup fees, hidden fees or ongoing fees. Just a split of the savings delivered.

Service fee

50% of your sales receipts from refunds credits secured is the fee for using our software.

Invoice date

A monthly invoice will be sent at the beginning of the month.

Invoice terms

Invoice generation date is the due date for an invoice.

Payment methods

Invoices can be paid via credit card, check or ACH transfer.

Frequently asked questions

Your list price must be 50% service fee on refund credits secured back to a customer’s shipping account.
Yes. You can quote discounted pricing to customers on a case-by-case basis.
Request to absolve bad debt are handled by the reseller support team on a case-by-case basis. Please contact reseller support and have all related invoices ready.
Yes. Customers can pay by check, credit card or ACH. In all cases collecting payment from your customer in a timely manner is your responsibility.
Yes. Any customer invoices that are generated in a month will be included on the reseller invoice sent to you by Share A Refund. The due date on this invoice is irrespective of payment on customer invoice. As such, extending credit terms to your customer may require you to pay forward the receivables. Please contact reseller support for help on this topic.
Most customer requests are topics that your team can handle, and as such the norm is that resellers support customer inquiries, with escalation sent to reseller support as needed.
Of course. You’re welcome to sell the service as you see best fit. This includes generating mailers, email blasts, cold calling and web design.
No. The information within the web app was built to manage your reseller account, along with every other reseller. As such, the reseller and customer user interfaces cannot be changed. Please contact our team with feature requests.
Let us know. We’re here to make sure that your program is a success.
No. You’re free to cancel at any time. Please look for the terminate account in the settings menu for your user account.
No. Your customers are free to cancel at any time by simply clicking on the terminate contract button located on the settings page.
Yes. The registration process asks for one account. Once a customer account is successfully registered, an unlimited number of FedEx or UPS accounts can be added to that customer account from within the customer dashboard.
Since you are the party receiving payment from customer, our team will invoice you, once per month for a portion of the customer invoices created in the month prior.
The Share A Refund shipment auditing service operates as your brand, wherein the only brand that your customers will ever see is yours.

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