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One place for all proof of signature documents.

Everything about the workflow for obtaining proof of delivery documents from carrier websites is terrible. The websites are slow, don’t work and are generally not intuitive. Gross. There’s a better way.
Share A Refund is the faster, more dependable, single source proof of signature solution. Get proof of delivery documents from all carriers in a single location.
All documents are processed, standardized and searchable.
Remove overhead in accounting and operations support.
Give your people a single workflow, and a supporting article and training video on best practice.

Support Portal

Tip: speak this link to anyone that is tasked to manage this workflow. Guidance, training videos, topics and help topics related to proof of delivery detailed within.
Existing customer? Enable this tool from within Share A Refund within your customer dashboard. Additional support topics related to proof of delivery are available within the support link above.

Turns minutes into miliseconds


Business requirements mandate proof of delivery documents (i.e. certified signature documents with a delivery timestamp). These documents are required for payment from marketplaces and need in support against fraudulent chargebacks (refer to business cases below).
Proof of delivery documents are not easy to obtain. Any veteran knows that the workflow related to retrieving these documents is tedious, boring and requires a login for the carrier website, which isn’t always available to the person tasked to do the work. Painful.
Smart shippers take the time to document and teach the workflow required for each carrier website to support personnel, even going as far as to document the entire process and manage the process with people. Nice. But even then the workflow is terrible, as the carrier websites take eons to cough out the requested documents, break frequently and require an awkward, manual process.
There’s a better way. Share A Refund automates the entire process.

How it works

Share A Refund takes the sluggishness out of the proof of delivery retrieval workflows.

Proof of delivery documents are extracted, transformed, and loaded into a single data store for all carriers. Any proof of delivery document is searchable by tracking number, account number, invoice number, etc. within a customer’s Share A Refund account. Documents are also visible within the Shipment Detail View for any given shipment. Simple, fast and easy.

The documents are available in bulk download within the Report Dashboard, making it easy to put these documents into your business practice in just a few clicks.
Want the documents in an ftp dropbox or s3 bucket? High-volume shippers fetch these files from local systems via secure protocols (e.g. sftp, etc.).
“Proof of delivery requests by marketplaces are a pain. Share A Refunds takes away the heartburn.”
Kirk C
High-volume food service shipper

High-volume shippers

Embedded pod documents within existing applications and services sow magic into existing business workflows, and eliminate the information gaps prevalent in common workflows for most high volume shippers. Documents can be fetch through api request or made available within secure file stores.

Unchanged templates

Each carrier has a specific file type for proof of delivery. This includes a timestamp, name of person that signed for the shipment and signature of that person. These documents are not changed or modified in any way by Share A Refund. The documents are simply scaled, tagged and renamed, as to be more searchable and more readily available at the time when you need them.

Features built-in


Automatic retrieval of proof of delivery from any shipment that is associated with your shipping account. By way of the logins to your carrier websites, the Share A Refund system uses carrier invoices to identify shipments and proceed through the workflow of obtaining proof of delivery on those shipments. There’s no extra work for anyone on your team.

Picture of signature

The document that carriers provide to shippers which includes a picture of the signature for the receiver of the package (i.e. the person that signed for the shipment) is the document that you need, and the document at your fingertips within the Share A Refund Dashboard.

How to get POD for a shipment

10 second workflow

A quick search and two taps within the dashboard is all that’s required to get the PDF or PNG for the proof of delivery on any shipment. Through the Share A Refund Customer Dashboard, the workflow used by most companies.

Want it even faster? Get the documents embedded into your existing applications. Available to high-volume shippers

Long-term storage

Long-term secure storage of proof of delivery files and documents is included within the SLA selected by customer where proof of delivery service is enabled.

Multi-carrier support

Proof of delivery service works on FedEx®, UPS® and DHL® shipping accounts. Share A Refund checks for proof of delivery documents and proceeds with the extraction, transformation, standardization and storage of those files.

Detailed reports

Real-time charts and graphs, summary pdf reports and xlsx exports are downloaded and scheduled within the reporting dashboard of your account. These reports provide key insights proof of delivery shipments.

Supports all major carriers


Share A Refund processes proof of delivery for each shipment from FedEx® for you automatically. This proof of delivery document contains a scanned signature (if provided).


Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) from UPS® includes the usual time of delivery, delivery address, name and signature of the person who accepted your shipment. These documents are stored with your Share A Refund account.


Electronic and Proof of Delivery signature files processed and stored within a customer’s Share A Refund account.

Business cases

FDA regulatory compliance

Medical device manufacturers, health care logistics companies and pharmaceutical and biotech shippers meet FDA requirements on tracking, tracking and proof of delivery on regulated orders. See a list of all tracking events, get notifications on damage in transit and the proof of delivery for all shipments tendered and billed to Fedex®, UPS® or DHL® shipping account. Supports compliance to regulation 21 CFR 821 and 42 CFR, 424.57(12) via method 2: delivery via a shipping service.

Faster payments for merchants

Marketplaces require vendors and merchants to provide proof of delivery documents against invoices for payment to be issue. This slows down payouts and creates extra operational overhead. Share A Refund saves shippers the burden of proof of delivery and processing. Files across all major carriers can be searched downloaded and submitted in just seconds with a few taps inside of a customer’s Share A Refund account.

Small business solutions

Reduce operational overhead

High-volume shippers, Marketplaces and logistics companies deploy the Share A Refund proof of delivery service to eliminate the complexity and extend good service to customers.

High-volume shippers

Defense against fraudulent chargebacks

Proof of delivery documents are required as supporting documents in cases related to missing merchandise or a customer refusing to pay. Credit card chargebacks are reversed, canceled and denied where proof of delivery documents are provided that show the customer’s name as the signer of the goods and required in every single case. Rather than give the login to the carrier website to the person or team in charge of fighting such disputes, create that person as a linked user with your Share A Refund account.

Add linked user




$ 0.05 per shipment
  • Simple pricing terms
  • Works at any volume
  • AutoCapture of POD
  • Long-term storage
  • SFTP (upon request)
  • Weekly reports

Built for all shippers

Pay as you go pricing works scales to meet the needs of any size shipper. Small shippers won’t be charged but pennies for each shipment. Large shippers see the value in having POD for all shipments across all carriers in a single location as a tremendous time-saver and value-add in customer service, chargeback disputes, and regulatory compliance.

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