Healthcare Parcel audit

Major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL expect healthcare logistics to be a major part of their business. Healthcare shipments need to be taken very seriously. They need to be maintained in temperature-controlled spaces, and shipments often involve precious cargo, including everything from surgical equipment to medical drugs and even human body samples. Any mistakes in this supply chain could be costly. We work alongside healthcare organizations to ensure every penny is being appropriately spent. Share A Refund’s software is designed to audit each shipment and detect errors that result in savings.

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One look at healthcare logistics demonstrates the growing power of the healthcare industry. This $7 trillion dollar industry is expected to grow over the next few years as the population of people over 50 grows. Certain medical kits come equipped with hundreds of pieces; it’s imperative that hospitals, clinics, practices, and other organizations have a system in place to monitor what’s happening with that product. Small mistakes in the healthcare supply chain can result in big losses, and Share A Refund can help eliminate the waste.

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