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Talk strategy with our logistics experts. Common inquiries include the steps required in migrating from an existing provider, an overview of the Share A Refund service offering and a demo of the product.

Proposal of savings

A proposal of savings will highlight exactly where refunds are being missed and outline the projected savings you could see on an annual basis. Share A Refund identifies credits that weren’t captured on specific service failures and compiles all the findings in an easy-to-understand report. All that’s needed to get a proposal of savings is your past carrier invoices. If you don’t know where to start, follow our detailed guides below.

Share A Refund features

Share A Refund combines four intuitive features into one powerful app. Share A Refund audits shipments, files lost and damaged claims, optimizes carrier agreements and provides actionable transportation analytics.
Share A Refund retrieves recent invoices from a shipper’s DHL, FedEx and UPS accounts and analyzes each shipment individually. When a package is delivered late, double billed, lost or damaged Share A Refund takes action to file a refund claim. The result is more savings, collected in the form of credits, that are applied to carrier invoices.
Share A Refund leverages valuable data and shipment industry experts to negotiate UPS, FedEx and DHL contracts for the best rates. Share A Refund spends time to better understand your current business needs, evolving requirements and establish carrier agreement optimization goals. A comprehensive audit of your shipping profile is conducted to determine applicable areas to reduce shipping costs to secure the most savings.
Filing lost and damaged claims manually is a time-consuming task for most shippers. With this feature, you will save time and see an increase in the number of claims approved. Share A Refund ensures that claims are filed correctly and with the information required by the carrier to approve claims faster.
The transportation analytics and reporting feature provides weekly reports with actionable data. Emails related to shipment activity are sent each week in a practical format. Analyze trends and expense drivers like fuel surcharges, accessorials, zones and weight classes using detailed reports.

Privacy and protection

Share A Refund takes security seriously. All software and supporting resources are implemented using best practices in application development for building secure cloud-based applications. Share A Refund does not share, sell, rent or trade your information with third parties.

An easy way to save 2-5% on shipping

Share A Refund is here to save you money on shipping.