Data transfer service

Connect business data.

Automate existing processes. Unlock deep operational insights.

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Find the true cost of operation.

Find the real cost of goods sold and profitability by order channel.


Obtain key data in other, primary software systems. Specifically, uncover the landed shipping costs on each order and every shipment.


Reconcile all cost components across multiple invoices for a given shipment. Deftly produce the true landed cost on a per shipment basis. 


Automate the creation and transmission of business documents directly into external systems, CRM, ERP, TMS, WMS, among others.


Application firewalls and end-to-end encryption keep the information safe and secure in transit.

Obtain key data in primary systems


  • Details true landed cost on a per shipment basis.
  • Imports order files and data feeds from external sources.
  • Hosts a secure file server or pushes to external endpoints.
  • Reconciles all debits and credits across multiple invoices.
  • Formats carrier invoices into various report templates.


  • Action against historical and real-time parcel data
  • Obtain key data in other, primary systems
  • Uncover real cost of goods sold (net shipping costs)

Works with

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Transportation management (TMS)
  • Others
“Data transfer service reconciles all cost components into one location for us.”
Lynette S.
High-volume retail shipper



Per invoice cost component​

$ 0.01 per cost component
  • Simple pricing terms
  • Works at any volume
  • No start up costs​
  • Long-term storage
  • Weekly reports

Built for all shippers

Data transfer service scales to meet the needs of any size shipper. Everything you need to dissect cost components in one location.

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