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Reviewing your carrier contract can be like staring at a foreign language. You end up guessing at good discounts instead of being confident you have received the best rate. Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into your contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share A Refund experts want to do the translating for you.
Share A Refund optimizes your contract for long-term success without you having to invest long hours in the process. Leave the hassle to Share A Refund.
This industry-leading tool is used by some of the largest shippers in the world to recover savings on shipments automatically.

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If you’ve been negotiating shipping contracts on your own chances are you aren’t getting the best service at the best price. After all, what do you have to compare it to other than your previous agreement? Share A Refund leverages valuable data and shipment industry proficiency to expertly negotiate UPS®, FedEx® and DHL® contracts for the most successful rates. Share A Refund carrier agreement optimization will either save you money or guarantee you have the best possible contract.

How it works

Once you submit a request for carrier agreement optimization and send current carrier agreements and shipping data to us, Share A Refund will work with you to better understand your current business needs, evolving requirements and establish carrier agreement optimization goals. A comprehensive audit of your shipping profile is conducted to determine applicable areas to reduce your shipping costs and a Share A Refund contract optimization expert will assess and analyze your current agreement and showcase savings potential based on current volumes, pricing agreements, and benchmarks. On average, businesses are missing out on 10-20% of savings annually that could be secured when involving Share A Refund in your contract negotiation process.
After agreeing on the proposed quote for better rates built on your unique business requirements, a conversation with your current carrier will be initiated to work toward a finalized agreement that accurately reflects new processes to secure the identified potential savings. Share A Refund provides hands-on support through the entire process as no one-size-fits-all solution exists for carrier agreement optimization.
When the negotiated contract is implemented, weekly reports are populated and sent to the customer to share the noticeable financial gain delivered by optimizing your carrier agreement, ensure carriers are remaining compliant to defined rates and provide data to take real-time actionable steps.
Our contract optimization results surprised me by exposing the amount of savings we weren’t collecting before. I’m still in disbelief about the amount of dollars we were missing.
Carl W.
Logistics Director


Reduce administrative overhead

The advantage of carrier agreement optimization is it eliminates any time or resource requirements on your part. Many companies choose to optimize their contracts with Share A Refund to make the most of their time and redirect team members to concentrate their efforts on strategic business-oriented tasks.

Visible increase in savings

On average, shippers see a 10-20% savings on shipping after using the carrier agreement optimization service. If you knew you could save up to 20% on shipping by allowing Share A Refund to negotiate your contract, would you try it?

Experienced negotiators

The trusted Share A Refund team understands the pesky details of complex shipping contracts. Share A Refund has a proven track record of delivering maximum dollars back to businesses.

No upfront costs

Share A Refund isn’t here to rip you off, but to return dollars you deserve back into your business operations. Share A Refund is a performance-based technology. Meaning you only pay if Share A Refund saves you money.

Pricing options built with your business in mind

The pricing options available make the carrier agreement optimization service the perfect fit both high volume and low volume shippers. Our friendly support team can work with your team to model the terms listed below in a report that’s specific to your business. Flexible terms make it easy for any business to use the Share A Refund carrier agreement optimization service.



Gain share

50%  Of Savings
  • Performance pricing terms
  • Works on shipping accounts of any volume
  • Weekly reports


Customized quote Per Month
  • Customized pricing terms
  • Works on shipping accounts of any volume
  • Weekly reports


The timeline listed below for the carrier agreement optimization process is the average of for all carriers, and a good overview of the timeline of events within the automated workflow.

More than just contract negotiators, Share A Refund provides reports to help track the results of your new rates. The process spans 7 weeks and depends on the length of time required by the carrier to revise agreements in the contract.

Request a contract optimization proposal - Week 1
Send current carrier agreements and recent shipping data to our experts to review- Week 1
Receive and approve contract optimization proposal - Week 1
Receive and discuss an operational plan - Week 3
Send requests for quote to carriers - Week 4
Receive proposed pricing agreements from the carriers - Week 5
Revise pricing agreement until targets in operational plan achieved - Week 6
Execute pricing agreements with the carriers - Week 7
See savings in detailed report(s) and monitor carrier compliance - Ongoing

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