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1. Create an Account

Creating an Account only takes two minutes, and we only need a few bits of information to complete the process. No credit card is required at the time of registering your account. Upon registration, Share A Refund immediately begins the the audit your shipping accounts and and files refund claims automatically.

2. We Do the Work

Share A Refund is like spell check for your shipping accounts, looking for late deliveries, address correction surcharges, saturday delivery surcharges, dimensional weight misbillings, duplicate charges, residential fee surcharges, and unused shipping labels. A comprehensive audit analyzes each shipment, and claims for refunds are automatically submitted to FedEx and UPS with the context required to get the refunds you deserve.

3. You Save Money

Claims are automatically submitted and tracked as they are credited back to your FedEx and UPS accounts. Share A Refund verifies the amount of each refund, and splits this amount with you, 50-50. Hence the name, Share A Refund. This is our contingency fee for service. By design, Share A Refund can only save you money. Make the no-risk move to get the savings you deserve.

Share A Refund is the most powerful transportation cost management platform ever built.

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