Online billing service

Shipment auditing service

Online billing is included within the audit and recovery service. One of several individual components checked on each shipment.

No credit card or software download required.

Easy invoice and payments of service fees

Share A Refund’s online billing service makes it easy to split the refund credits delivered back to your FedEx and UPS account.
Auditing and communication services are conducted on a performance-basis.
Once a week, all refund credits secured by Share A Refund are split, and a single invoice is created, detailing each refund secured as a line item.
AutoPay makes it easy to split the savings with Share A Refund.

Secure online payments

Share A Refund’s online billing system is secure easy to use. Credit card storage and payment is secured with 256-bit encryption and 100% safe.

Straightforward. Easy-to-use.


The billing dashboard showcases recent invoices, payments, and a list of payment methods. Each section includes apposite information.
The points below detail the features that exist within each of the sections available within the billing dashboard.


A list of invoices is listed in reverse chronological order. Information specific to each invoice is provided in the columns within the invoices table. Each line item is clickable, and links to the detail view of an invoice, where refund credits are listed as line items and payments can be made using the Submit Payment button. View list of invoices.

Payment methods

A list of credit cards stored securely, showing important information for each card. Existing cards can be removed on this page.
New credit cards can be added from this page, using the Add new card button on the top right of the page.

Payment history

A list of payments showcases each of the payments made to invoices, and the status of those payments. Each line links to the related invoice for that payment. There detailed information related to the payment is shown within the payments section on that page.


Status bar notifications provide indication of outstanding invoices and issues related to payment methods.


Security is of the utmost importance to Share A Refund. All software and supporting resources are implemented using the best security practices. Your information is secure with Share A Refund.

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Pay as you go

$ 0.0049 per cost component

Split of savings

50% of savings

Pay as you go

$ 0.02 per shipment

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No credit card or software download required.