Understanding My Bill


Statements from UPS® and FedEx® include all shipping activity in a given period. These documents can be downloaded on the UPS® and FedEx® websites once you are logged into your shipping account. For customers that are on paper billing, these are the statements that arrive in the mail each week.


In other words, they are credits applied to your account in the case that FedEx® or UPS® has over-billed you on previous invoices. Adjustments can be related to double charges, over-charges or service failure, such as a package being delivered late.

Service guarantee credits

Any FedEx® or UPS® shipment is subject to a guaranteed delivery date and time, and if exceeded, entitled to a refund in the form of a credit to your shipping account. Share a Refund finds these late shipments, files claims and tracks the credits delivered to future statements.


Weekly invoices include all refunds that were delivered to your shipping accounts within the billing period. The commission percentage applied to your Share a Refund account is an agreed percentage of all refunds credited to your shipping account during the period. Each line item on the invoice is the service fee for a package where a credit was apply to your shipping account. Verification of any refunds delivered to your account can be confirmed by downloading statements within your UPS® and FedEx® account. Additionally, this information is conveniently provided within your Share a Refund Account.

Invoice adjustments

Any credits to your Share a Refund account are automatically applied to future invoices. Credit Card refunds are confirmed through email receipt.

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