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Do you know who is reviewing the college or university shipping account invoices, checking for billing mistakes and filing claims for refund? In most cases, there’s no one doing it. It’s enough work just paying the invoices on time, let alone checking each line item for accuracy. It turns out that most shipping invoices are rife with mistakes. In part due to the complexity of invoicing systems developed by FedEx, UPS and DHL. In part due to the complexity of shipping in general. Share a Refund removes the complexity and delivers real savings to colleges and universities each week.

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The mailrooms in higher education institutions are chaotic. Even with the best organization, the abundance of incoming shipments and routing of vendor goods to the appropriate department is difficult to manage. Last-minute deliveries are constant, and getting the shipment tracked down and routed is enough to fill a day. No one has the time to be on the phone disputing late deliveries and erroneous surcharges. Moreover, most administrations don’t have a specific person in charge of auditing the shipping invoices, and even if such a person does exist, doing so is neither a dedicated job function, nor at the top of the list of responsibilities. This all leads to mistakes and sunk costs for colleges and universities.
Meet Share a Refund. Your new performance-based parcel auditing and claim filing app that does a better job tracking, auditing and filing claims on shipments. It works 24/7/365. Meaning lower expenses and a more efficient shipping invoice auditing and claim filing operation. Share a Refund helps college administrators uncover freight cost savings autonomously.
There is no denying the fact that carriers make mistakes and overcharges exist. Share a Refund performs a full comprehensive audit on all shipments to ensure these oversights get found. The disputes are handled automatically, with the precise information required to capture a refund. The resulting refunds are posted to the shipping accounts and applied to shipping invoices in the form of credits. Colleges and universities collect 2% to 5% on average in refunds. Refunds that prior to using Share a Refund weren’t being secured.
The performance-based terms make Share a Refund nothing but a win for your college or university. Once the refunds are posted to your shipping accounts and verified, an invoice is sent by Share a Refund for a fifty percent of the savings. Said differently, Share a Refund will only charge based on the savings it delivers back to you. There’s no upfront or ongoing monthly fees. Just a share of the savings secured.
Built-in reporting makes it easy to do trend analysis. A full-suite of charts and graphs shows details of shipping frequency and cost data that is unparalleled in the shipping industry. In most cases, customers login to Share a Refund to track down a package rather than going to the carrier website to get the information.
Share a Refund services don’t stop there. With the lost and damage claim filing service enabled, Share a Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. You collect the refunds issued by the carriers without having to file the time-consuming, tedious claims manually. Share a Refund offers an additional carrier agreement optimization option to save 10-20% on shipping bringing profits back to your entity. Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share a Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts ensuring the maximum amount of savings. And, best of all, included for free within the Share a Refund application.
It’s time to minimize carrier billing errors and keep the money in your pocket. Share a Refund is the right app for the job.

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