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Financial reporting is the basis of every company, and it’s your job to ensure your customers are making the best financial decisions. When you manage or provide accounting services, you’re expected to offer your clients the best financial solutions. One way to aid your customers on the journey to saving money without cutting corners is to eliminate any unnecessary waste on shipments. Unfortunately, there are overcharges found in 1 out of 10 packages. With the Share a Refund Merchant Program, you’ll be able to utilize a branded version of our comprehensive parcel auditing software, tap into our lost and damage claim services and leverage Share a Refund experts to negotiate customers’ shipping contracts to save money. This provides your customers with money back based on carrier mistakes. Over the course of a year, you could save your customer hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Share a Refund is a great app for any clients that ship

Your accounting services could include anything from bookkeeping to payroll to corporate tax planning. However, you could always increase your satisfaction rate with a value-add service. Spending hard-earned money on packages whose carriers make mistakes is a bad financial decision. Keep your customers informed and reimbursed for those errors, and they’ll be thanking you time after time. When it comes to your clients that ship, this simple concept still holds true.
As you wouldn’t do reconciliation by hand, so to is auditing of shipping invoices made easier through technology. Overcharges related to incorrectly applied line items, such as residential surcharges on commercial deliveries, or even late shipments are nearly impossible to catch, without the use of a tool that streamlines the process of looking for such mistakes. Share a Refund does this, and even takes it one step further, but then automatically filing claims with the carriers when such mistakes do exist. The system then, tracks claims and verifies the refunds that are secured back to the shipping accounts. In short, the entire business process of lowering shipping costs through an audit and claim filing is completed automated.
For any client that ships, using this service to your customers is a no-brainer. It adds values by saving time auditing and delivers real cost savings, by finding refunds that would most likely otherwise go unnoticed. And in promoting this service, there are a few ways that accountants can engage Share a Refund to facilitate this connection.

Merchant program

This allows accounting firms to brand the entire shipment auditing service, including app, emails, reports, invoicing and more. With your branding everywhere, you’re free to promote the service as you see fit.

Referral program

Here the Share a Refund stays in place, and your recommendation to customers to signup for Share a Refund directly or install the Share a Refund app within accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, is a commissionable opportunity.

Direct customer program

While you may not ship as many shipments as your customers, any shipments that do move through common carriers, such as FedEx, DHL and UPS are subject to overbillings and thus potential refunds. Auditing your own accounts is a great way to get started as your own case study.

Lost and damage claims service

For many shippers, the process of filing claims for lost and damaged shipments is completely manual. The collection of documents, data entry and filing of claims takes upwards of 20 minutes on each and every claim. There’s a better way. Share a Refund automates the entire process.

Carrier agreement optimization

Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share a Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts saving your customers 10-20% on shipping.

Don’t let carriers dupe your customers on duplicate charges. Take control.

Weekly emails display all auditing and refunding activities on your account.

Clients see savings of up to $0.46 per shipment within the first week.

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