As a banking enterprise you have experienced the benefits of automation that streamlines the banking process to add convenience for your valued customers. As you focus on wealth management for the masses, Share a Refund focuses on returning dollars back into your banking business with a parcel auditing software guaranteed to get you increased savings on shipping. There are overcharges, mistakes and late delivered packages on many UPS, DHL and FedEx invoices, 52 weeks per year. There is a significant amount of money to be saved, and small parcel audits are how you can get them back. Unfortunately, most companies do not have the employees, the time or the expertise to audit internally – that’s where Share a Refund steps in.

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You wouldn’t allow a grocery store clerk to charge you for an item not in your cart, so why allow carriers to overcharge you? Share a Refund performs a comprehensive audit on each shipment, assessing each individual charge that is billed to a shipment to ensure accuracy. The disputes are handled automatically with the required critical information to return the refund to your banking business. The resulting refunds are posted to the shipping accounts and applied to shipping invoices in the form of credits. Most banking enterprises see up to %5 savings on each invoice.
Share a Refund services extend outside shipment auditing. With the lost and damage claim filing service enabled, Share a Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. You collect the refunds issued by the carriers without having to file the time-consuming claims manually. Share a Refund offers an additional carrier agreement optimization option to save 10-20% on shipping bringing profits back to your business. Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share a Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts ensuring the maximum amount of savings.
Share a Refund operates on a split of the savings that is secured back to your shipping account. There’s no implementation costs or ongoing fees. Weekly returned savings is reported in a convenient email, and the amount due back to Share a Refund for finding and retrieving these refunds can be paid by credit card, conveniently stored on file, or by check payment. Overall, Share a Refund can only save you money on shipping. It’s a turnkey, cost-saver for your banking enterprise.

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