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Share A Refund is designed to improve efficiency across your shipping processes. Think of Share A Refund software as your personal audit manager. Each shipment is reviewed by the most up-to-date technology and designed to save you money on shipping.

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Long gone are the days where parcel auditing was viewed as time-consuming, costly, and intrusive. Today, parcel audits can easily become a powerful game changer. Share A Refund has developed a smart solution that offers a quick and painless comprehensive parcel audit. A built-in claims submissions service instantly calculates billing mistakes and saves a copious amount of time. The data offered from each parcel assessment helps production support, logistics, and quality management. Share A Refund takes it a step further by offering both lost and damage claim filing services and carrier agreement optimization services to increase your savings on shipping.
Whether you realize it or not, parcel carriers make mistakes, in small and large doses. These miniscule errors accumulate to create much higher costs for the business. Our solution can be leveraged to increase production, sales, and the customer experience. Share A Refund offers a strong partnership with carriers to provide significant value across the supply chain. Why start later? Share A Refund customers start benefiting from our parcel audit tool within weeks of deploying the service.

Share A Refund can only save you money on shipping. There’s no fees besides a split of the savings.

Immediately reduce your costs with software that finds billing mistakes better than a manual audit.

Share A Refund literally pays for itself by saving you money on shipping. Spend less on shipping.

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