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Being able to offer reliable shipping services to trade show exhibitors is key to getting them to come back to your convention year after year. The problem is that agreements with carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL are becoming increasingly more complex. Your trade show convention support faces parcel price escalations, errors and delays, and a complex claims process for enforcing guaranteed delivery times. Share a Refund aims to help trade show event managers take the pain out of exhibitor shipping services while simultaneously reducing costs. The free parcel auditing software finds carrier mistakes, files lost and damage claims and identifies other overcharges for you. Automatically filing the shipping refund claim and supporting documentation. Your job becomes easier and the auditing software costs absolutely nothing to use.

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Your current trade show TMS provides details of shipments sent and their delivery statuses. However, this information is difficult to understand – especially when your trade show event support utilizes multiple carriers to get the best shipping rates and guaranteed delivery times. As a leader in parcel auditing software, Share a Refund knows the importance of having a clear overview of shipping characteristics. When your trade show event support knows data like your peak shipping times and average parcel weight, you are able to negotiate contracts with UPS, FedEx and DHL to get better deals. Share a Refund offers another set of expert eyes on your carrier contracts with the carrier agreement optimization service. Spend less time in the weeds of UPS and FedEx contracts and more time on your core business all while saving 10-20% in shipping.
Access to parcel shipping analytics also means that your trade show can pool carrier networks for a more dynamic shipping process and favorable rating structures. Share a Refund makes this happen by providing free shipping analytics for multiple freight carriers in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Get access to advanced analytics, charts, and geo-maps and start saving money your trade show shipping services today.

Share a Refund tracks a shipment through every tracking event to be sure that it’s delivered on time.

2-5% in savings on shipping is significant. Unlock your savings with a free trial of Share a Refund.

Share a Refund analyzes each component cost and files claims on irregularities automatically.

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