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Convention center event logistics is difficult enough without having to worry about late shipments and freight errors. Share a Refund is a web-based parcel auditing software that analyzes every parcel you send through UPS, FedEx, and DHL. If a parcel is late even one minute, has incorrect fees, or other shipping errors, Share a Refund will claim a refund on your behalf. The automated parcel auditing system means that there is absolutely no extra work for your employees and no need to train staff during turnover. The bottom line is that you streamline your convention center shipping services and save money without any hassle.

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One of the benefits of Share a Refund parcel auditing app is that it provides detailed reports, charts, and data. Your convention center shipments manager can use this information to find out how much small parcel services are really costing you. The shipping analytics are easy to understand in a user-friendly dashboard that breaks down the component costs assessed on each shipment. Of course, all reporting is built-in and available free to customers. Another way customer service is improved with the ability to see late shipments and offer refunds to guests who experienced late deliveries or other issues with their parcels.
Share a Refund users are also able to use shipping data to negotiate better terms with UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Better yet, let Share a Refund experts negotiate your carrier contract on your behalf. Did you know you could be saving 10-20% on shipping after contract adjustments? Spend less time in the weeds of UPS and FedEx contracts and more time on your core business. Share a Refund contract optimization will either save you money or guarantee you have the best possible contract. It’s a win-win.

Using Share a Refund couldn’t be easier. Signing up for the auditing tool takes minutes and no credit is required. Put in your parcel carrier information and the auditing app will start scanning all shipments. If an error is spotted, a refund claim is filed. Share a Refund offers a lost and damaged claim filing service that submits all claims according to best practices. That means everything is submitted to the carriers on time and with all the necessary paperwork required to get refunds approved. The result is three-fold. There’s less back and forth emailing from the carriers, claims get approved faster, and more claims get approved. There is no need for your staff to worry about paperwork to support the claim or meeting those stringent UPS, FedEx, and DHL deadlines. Share a Refund is completely free to use and has no fees. The refund is split 50-50, hence the name Share a Refund.

Capture the full savings potential with Share a Refund, and save 2-6% each week, just by signing up.

Science, math and great code are the components that make Share a Refund the very best auditing solution.

Weekly emails keep you up-to-date on all shipping, auditing and refunding activies on your account.

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