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As an operations manager or director of an arena and recreational center, you have learned to juggle seasonal variability: hockey programs in winter, summer youth programs, after-school sports activities, gymnasiums, and even conferences and events in the off-season. Each of these amenities and services requires different equipment, which is why shipping services has become such a large part of your job. Compounding the problem is that visitors and renters also expect parcel shipping services. Share A Refund helps ensure your arena shipping is running smoothly and affordably by automating the FedEx, UPS, and DHL refund claims process. The auditing app is free to use and you only pay when you save money on shipping.

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While the bulk of arena and rec center equipment stays in-house, there is a good deal of it which is going through your doors. Whether it is skates that need repairs or rented event supplies that need returning, those FedEx and UPS shipping fees are adding up. The parcel fees are particularly annoying when you know that you are entitled to a refund because of shipping errors or late deliveries, but simply don’t have the time to file the complex claim forms. Share A Refund is made specifically to help managers and directors like yourself who want the refunds they are entitled to but don’t want to lose productivity. The free parcel auditing app will analyze every single parcel you send. If an error is spotted or a parcel is even one minute late, the software will automatically file a refund claim for you. The app really is free. Share A Refund just takes half the refund and credits the other half to your account. It couldn’t be easier to use Share A Refund and tap into all of those unclaimed shipping refunds!

Free reporting is built-in, and our team can teach your team on how to further refund shipping costs.

A small, but important piece of any well run logitics operation.

Share A Refund helps connect the dots between purchasing, logistics and operations.

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