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Audit and recovery

Run a free, instant audit on recent carrier invoices.


Comprehensive, multipoint audit uncovers all service failures, overcharges and discrepancies.

Proof of each refund

Screenshots taken within your shipping accounts showcase every refund credit.

Full audit trial

Each action taken by Share A Refund is time-stamped and detailed on a per shipment basis.


Secures more savings than any other provider due to speed. Disputes are filed the same day.

Carrier agreement compliance

Supports all agreement rule types including earned discounts, rate caps, minimums, and DIMs.

Revenue thresholds

Considers changes in revenue thresholds and portfolio tier incentives to calculate earned discounts.


Displays the published and net transportation charges, zone and rated weight for every shipment.

EDI integration

Submits non-pay disputes through the carrier invoice and payment EDI feeds automatically.


Reports output into usual file types: PDF, CSV, XLSX. Great for executive summaries and further analysis.

Carrier agreement optimization

Effortlessly evaluate the financial impact of multiple carrier agreements within a single view.

Experienced professionals

Built by experienced logistics professionals to negotiate hundreds of carrier agreements.

Full transparency

Savings reports showcase savings by shipment for each invoice component charge.

Cross-carrier analysis

Contrast domestic and international lanes across multiple carriers with just a few clicks.

Flexible approach

Parcel professionals use Share A Refund to model spend and negotiate winning agreements.

Carrier payment remittance

Eliminate invoice late fees and streamline the accounts payable workflow.

No risk

Send the correct net amount due to the carrier directly. No need for an audit and pay provider.

Turnkey set up

Works seamlessly within existing information systems and payable procedures for high-volume shippers.

Superior audit

Exhaustively submits disputes and claims via all available methods prior to processing payment remittance.

Save time

Confidently pay the total net due across a batch of open carrier invoices in seconds.

Data transfer service

Find the real cost of goods sold and profitability by order channel. 


Obtain key data in other, primary software systems. Specifically, uncover the landed shipping costs on each order and every shipment.


Reconcile all cost components across multiple invoices for a given shipment. Deftly produce the true landed cost on a per shipment basis. 


Automate the creation and transmission of business documents directly into external systems, CRM, ERP, TMS, WMS, among others. 


Application firewalls and end-to-end encryption keep the information safe and secure in transit.

Duty Drawback Service

Receive a refund on duties, taxes, and fees paid on imported goods.

Maximize Savings

Duties can be reclaimed after export through a Duty Drawback process that saves you money.

Immediate Impact

The estimated cash flow impact occurs within just 90 to 180 days after the drawback submission.

Supply Chain Optimization

Contact Share A Refund today to explore how your business can thrive in the global market.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that fall under Section 321 in the U.S benefit from lower duty costs.

GL coding

Consolidate all carrier invoices into a single GL coding report that’s sent weekly to stakeholders.

Easy set-up

Create and tune complex GL coding rules within the easy to use Share A Refund dashboard.

Linked rules

Flexible, conditional rules route problem shipments (exceptions) into the correct cost centers.

No overhead

No caps on cost centers or rule types. Input large, 1,000+ rule templates in a single upload.

Lifecycle shipments

Upload export files directly into ERP and accounting systems against open purchase orders.

Lost and damage

Supports the lost and damaged claims management process end-to-end with automation.

Manages files

Quickly search for tracking numbers to upload pictures and commercial invoices in seconds.


AutoFile does it all. Identifies lost and damaged shipments, creates documents, files claims and reports weekly.

Declared value

Claim amount adjusts to handle the purchase of declared value on each shipment.

Lifecycle shipments

Built-in settings for perishable shippers. Files claims on shipments delivered late by one or more days.

Proof of delivery

Certified signature documents with a delivery timestamp. All carriers, one location.

Fast workflow

Search by tracking number to find the proof of delivery document in just a few taps. Faster and more convenient.


Support for common carriers. No slow or messy UI. Standardized into a single workflow.

Helps vendors

Marketplaces require proof of delivery documents to issue payments on your open invoices.

Lowers chargebacks

Proof of delivery helps as a support document to fight back against fraudulent credit card claims.

Transportation analytics

Run large computational workloads at scale without the sluggishness.

360 view

Consolidates cost data from multiple carriers into a single parcel network view.

Unlimited users

Collaborate with colleagues through interactive, customizable charts and stories.

Schedule alerts

Receive notification of changes in the KPIs that matter to your operation.

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