high tech parcel auditing

High tech parcel audit

High-tech product manufacturing is no easy task. Products run the gamut: from smart home appliances to computers and automobiles, whatever you make, your supply chain involves daily shipments, and many of the costs related to those shipments include billing mistakes assessed by FedEx, UPS and DHL. Share a Refund’s award-winning parcel auditing services ensures accuracy on every line item cost, and the automated claim filing service ensures that your tech company never overpays on shipping again.
Aircraft and spacecraft shipment auditing

Aircraft and spacecraft

Manufacturers of aircraft, equipment, satellite and aerospace equipment.
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pharmaceuticals and biotech

Biotech and pharmaceuticals

Big pharma, biotech, lab tech, pharmacy benefit management companies.
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Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics

Cameras, computers, headphones, security, smartphone, photography equipment.
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Engineering parcel audit


Civil, electrical, environmental, food safety, geotechnical and mechanical engineering companies.
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lighting manufacturers

Lighting and design

LED, fixture designers, assembly and component manufacturers.
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semiconductor design and fabrication


Design, engineering and fabrication of semiconductors and equipment suppliers.
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Parts, motors, hardware packages, power supplies for robot arms and mechanical assemblies
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solar and component

Solar and component

Panel manufacturers, tracking systems, roof assembly, installers, inverter manufacturers
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Telecommunication, network and communication equipment
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Industries / High tech

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High-tech manufacturers save money with Share a Refund

Whether you’re a consumer electronics or solar panel manufacturer, your business thrives with increased margins. Billions of dollars are lost annually to unclaimed refunds on shipping costs – this isn’t the smart way to go. For the lowest possible cost in shipping, High-tech manufacturers choose Share a Refund’s parcel auditing software to retain those lost dollars.

Operations that do parcel auditing internally, make the switch to Share a Refund because of the efficiencies of scale. Automation in the workflows required to do auditing and claim filing make it easier for Share a Refund to execute than doing the processing manually. This holds true for any size organization. From the smallest manufacturer / distributor, to high-volume tech distribution warehouse. Share a Refund does it faster and better.

Operations that were already outsourcing parcel auditing to a third-party make the swtich to Share a Refund for lower fees. Most auditors charge service fees on automatic refunds provided by the carriers back to customers. Refunds that the auditing company took no action to secure. This is not the case for Share a Refund. Share a Refund only splits the refunds where actions were taken by Share a Refund. The result is lower service fees compared to competitors, and companies that make the switch to Share a Refund have saved up to 70% in service fees. But more importantly, Share a Refund delivers more refunds, because of better tech. Sure, everyone says that they are the best, but Share a Refund really is when it comes to shipment auditing, which is why we were awarded the largest cash prize ever awarded to an app, $100k.

Whichever one of the two best describes your business, when it comes to ensuring accuracy on your shipping invoices, Share a Refund is the best choice for your tech company.

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