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It is an exciting time for the aerospace industry. Where satellite and spacecraft manufacturing used to be limited to a select few large companies, a new generation of companies are now entering the game and creating innovative solutions for the private and commercial sector. The new satellite and spacecraft technology is what gets the most attention. However, payload logistics management is crucial to making it all happen. A satellite smaller than shoebox can be worth tens of thousands and represent years of man hours. If the sensitive equipment is mishandled or damaged during transportation, it means a huge loss that cannot be replaced or remedied. If logistics fail and the satellite or spacecraft is delivered late, it can mean waiting for a year until the next available launch. As someone in charge of advanced logistics management in the aerospace industry, you know these high stakes very well. That is why you know the importance of freight auditing software.

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Shipping for the aerospace industry is truly one of the most difficult logistics management jobs. You have to factor in dangerous goods shipping regulations for materials like lithium batteries, time-sensitive payload delivery, global logistics of customs tracking, and safeguarding delivery through temperature-controlled and exclusive-use vehicles. Carriers like UPS and FedEx have stepped in with freight solutions specifically tailored to the aerospace industry. However, it is still up to you to make sure you are choosing the right shipping strategy. Share a Refund aims to make sensitive freight shipping easier by providing the logistical data you need for planning and cost optimization. Every shipment sent is analyzed for accuracy and delivery time. If a shipment is even a minute late or an error such as duplicate charges is found, the free auditing app will find it, report it in the dashboard, and immediately file a refund claim with supporting documentation. If a shipment is lost or damaged, Share a Refund automatically files the complex claim for you. You have 24/7 access to analytics and can use this data to improve your satellite and spacecraft parts shipping strategy, such as by choosing the carrier which provides better results or negotiating for better shipping rates. See for yourself how Share a Refund can help improve logistics.

Every package must be delivered on time or you get a full refund on the shipping costs.

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