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When to pay a FedEx invoice

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It’s normal to start the workday and immediately begin to execute your lengthy to-do list.  But when it comes to paying a FedEx invoice, you might want to pause before shelling out cash to your carrier. If your invoice is refund-worthy, submitting a payment is the equivalent of telling FedEx the charges are approved. For those that use autopay or instantly pay carrier invoices,  this is a problem when there are dollars owed to you due to overcharges, billing mistakes or late fees.

Why it matters

FedEx has a unique approach in how it views receiving payments for invoices. Listed in their terms, paying an invoice is a way of finalizing your agreement for their services rendered. This has adverse effects on the disputing and auditing process. Think of it like purchasing an item at a retailer and not being able to return it after finding a defect. You end up spending money that should rightfully be returned to you.

Of course, every claim is handled on an individual basis and situations vary. FedEx can still issue a refund for shipments on paid invoices, but the probability decreases significantly compared to possible refunds on unpaid invoices. If you normally schedule automatic payments for FedEx invoices, this could be causing more harm than good to your savings.

What to do

It’s not beneficial to pay your carrier invoice immediately, so when do you pay it? Most people aim for 4 business days before it’s due. Naturally, you don’t want to pay an invoice late. The additional late fees would outweigh any potential refunds collected.

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