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5 common misconceptions about parcel auditing

package audit myths

Parcel auditing is a familiar term for many and an unfamiliar term for some. Whether you are a logistics manager exploring the possibility of using a third-party parcel auditor to replace your internal auditing process or you are a small business owner without any shipment auditing practices in place, this article will help clear up some of those common parcel auditing misconceptions.

1. Internal audits are more effective

Chances are your internal auditing team performs their job with precision, but even the most talented auditors eventually miss refunds.  Are you really able to check every invoice for accuracy? Are you following each package to verify it’s on-time arrival? Let’s say 5-7% of your shipments are late, you will have to manually audit 93 to 95 on-time shipments to find the five to seven late ones. Automation in the workflows required to do auditing and claim filing make it easier for Share A Refund to execute than doing the processing manually. This holds true for any size organization. From the smallest manufacturer to the high-volume distribution warehouse. The amount of time that can be spent on auditing is overwhelming. When you switch to Share A Refund, all the work is done for you.

2. Auditing invoices will cause conflict with carriers

Fostering positive relationships is critical in business. This includes the relationship with your carrier. A regular misconception expressed is that auditing shipments externally will have a detrimental impact on relationships with your carriers. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. For a business relationship to truly prosper, both parties need to be held accountable for their services. Share A Refund simply ensures you aren’t paying for something you shouldn’t be. Think of us as contract adherence. The agreements and invoices created by the carriers are so complicated that billing mistakes are common. Checking that every charge billed to you is accurate according to the agreement that was penned is good business. If you went to the store and a single product was accidentally charged twice you would politely ask the retail associate to refund the incorrect charge. The same applies when auditing shipments.

3. Outsourcing is expensive

Share A Refund finds and secures refunds when you’ve paid too much for shipping, and splits the savings delivered.  Refunds and credits secured back to your shipping account by us are tracked and reported on a weekly basis. There are no onboarding costs, monthly service fees or hidden pricing. Our work is done 100% on a performance basis. Share A Refund only makes money if you make money.

4. Parcel auditors will sell my data

As technology advances rapidly legitimate concerns for privacy and protection of data arise too. We’ve all heard the disheartening news when a data breach occurs at a trusted organization. Not only does Share A Refund strictly use your data to save you money and reduce costs, all software and supporting resources are implemented using best practices in application development for building highly-scalable, highly-available, highly-secure cloud-based applications. Security is a top priority.

5. Implementing the change will take too long

With Share A Refund, there’s no hardware to purchase, software to install or lengthy training to attend. After providing your login credentials to your shipping accounts, you can get the first refunds in as little as five minutes. There are no laborious operational changes on your end. Share A Refund immediately goes to work behind the scenes to secure lost dollars back into your business.

Integrating with Share A Refund will keep carriers honest and instantly recover maximum savings back to your account. Any other misconceptions you are questioning? We would love to clear them up.

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