8 signs you’ve selected the best parcel auditor

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Not all parcel auditors are created equal. Just like your packages, they come in all shapes and sizes. Identifying and selecting a parcel auditor to partner with can have drastic implications for your business. An appropriate approach is needed when differentiating between the wrong parcel auditor, which can derail your operations, and the right parcel auditor, which can deliver guaranteed savings. Whether you are brand new to the parcel auditing arena or you are more experienced working with parcel auditors, here are eight signs you’ve partnered with the best parcel auditor.

Uses the best technology

Technology is a tool that revolutionizes operations. Analyzing shipment invoices manually keeps the process in-house, but results in human error and inefficient allocation of time and expertise. Your parcel auditor should be saving you time, eliminating shipment auditing errors to secure maximum refunds and providing seamless integration without disrupting daily workflow. Share A Refund deploys proprietary software developed from years in the shipment auditing industry. Using industry best practices, a comprehensive audit is performed in near real-time providing precision and speed in the analysis performed on each shipment. The pressure for faster deliveries has increased and the best parcel auditors alleviate pressure while putting dollars back into your business.

Makes transparency a top priority

Transparency not only breeds trust in a company but also reveals new areas of growth. Unfortunately, it’s common for some shipment auditors to outsource the claim filing to other third-party operations. This puts your security at risk. Share A Refund holds security to the highest regards and has put in place measures to protect vital business information. Keeping company information private is the only way to operate safely. Share A Refund provides the dollars owed to you automatically, while other auditors throw steep service fees and complicated contracts at you. Carriers give customers a full refund on shipping costs when a shipment is delivered late, unshipped or misbilled. The catch is that these refunds are not automatic. Each shipment must be audited and a claim filed when a refund is due. With Share A Refund, the audits are handled using an exhaustive auditing software, but the power still remains with businesses.  Share A Refund aggregates robust data into simple reports, charts and dashboards distributed weekly. Shipment data and auditing reports are easily accessible, empowering businesses to plan for the future by informing strategic operational decisions.

Brings visible savings

Some companies accept shipping overcharges and late delivery fees as a cost of doing business, but there’s an alternative way to recover refunds without paying an employee to monitor the individual audit trails. Shipping costs have risen dramatically over the past decade. Your parcel auditor should be working to save every dollar possible, refusing to overlook a single penny. Share A Refund provides a claim verification service that tracks all auditing activities and reconciles each refund credit to actions taken by Share A Refund to secure that refund credit. Most auditors charge service fees on automatic refunds provided by the carriers back to customers. Share A Refund only splits the refunds where actions were taken by Share A Refund. Share A Refund provides exactly what billing agents look for in approving refund claims for each claim submitted. Before switching to Share A Refund an analysis of your current parcel auditing spend will determine if incremental savings are available. Are you seeing a substantial return on investment that improves profitability?

Provides value-added service

Price is what you pay and value is what you get. The same rule can be applied when selecting a parcel auditor. The auditors that charge less usually don’t hold high-performance standards. Their service given is a reflection of the price paid. Navigating terms to negotiate an effective agreement can be time-consuming and stressful. Share A Refund provides the same degree of service for all customers with a hassle-free approach. Ditch the contracts, forgo the signup fees and watch Share A Refund do all the work to get the refunds delivered back to your shipping accounts.

Scales with your business

Often, shipment auditing is an afterthought when compared to the numerous supply chain demands on a business. Most companies assume any auditing solution will suffice. Consequently, as business grows, companies don’t consider that their current parcel auditing solution falters when keeping up with the needs of a thriving business. The last thing anybody wants is a process that slows down and complicates operations. Share A Refund scales automatically with your business and benefits companies of all sizes by lowering shipping costs. If your business goes from sending 1,000 shipments to 100,000 shipments, Share A Refund already has the technology to stay in sync with your rapid growth. There are no pesky systems to download or hardware to install. Instead, the automated tools supporting the reporting services streamline many of the tedious communication tasks performed by small parcel managers, reducing operational overhead. Find an auditor that promotes efficiency, provides innovative solutions, implements proper security measures and is able to scale with your business, staying ahead of today’s competitive market and logistics curve.

Supplies a risk-free solution

Some auditors not only charge a monthly fee for their services but enforce a contractual agreement. That’s not the case with Share A Refund. There’s no onboarding or monthly fees to use this software. Share A Refund works on a revenue sharing basis, which means splitting the return 50-50.

Performs a comprehensive audit

The best parcel auditor leaves no stone unturned. Share A Refund completes an inspection on each shipment checking for late delivery fees, surcharges, double billing, voided shipments, accessorial fees and more. When mistakes that result in overcharges are identified, claims are then automatically filed with the carriers to dispute the amount that’s billed. The carrier then issues credits to the shipping account, which are applied to invoices, resulting in lower shipping expenses. Share A Refund simplifies the complexity of auditing shipments with its comprehensive inspection of each shipment.

Offers reliable and responsive support

We live in a world implementing technology solutions at an accelerated rate. With technology at the forefront, it’s increasingly important to emphasize the value in customer interaction. The parcel auditing software is only as good as the people behind it and the best parcel auditors leverage the advantages of technology while simultaneously offering responsive and reliable support. Does your parcel auditor provide productive and personable customer support?

One parcel auditor is not as good as the next one. Use the guidelines to ensure your cost-reduction goals are being met with excellence.

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