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How well are you monitoring and auditing your small parcel shipping? Chances are you can do better. However, no sports and outdoors ecommerce retailer wants to spend the time and resources on extra personnel just to make sure carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL are meeting their Guaranteed Service Agreements. Share a Refund helps small and large ecommerce businesses alike by automating the parcel auditing process and delivering weekly shipping refunds.

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Powerful app scans every parcel for late delivery time and errors.

Refund claims are automatically filed on your behalf.

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claim shipping refunds from UPS, FedEx, and DHL
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Turn data into actionable insight

Maps and charts show where problems are occurring most frequently.

Easy-to-use dashboard means no training is required.

Use information to renegotiate carrier agreements.

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Expect to save 2-6% on shipping costs.

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Optimized shipping means optimal business

With customers becoming increasingly demanding, good shipping practices can make or break an e-commerce retailer. Share a Refund is able to help e-commerce retailers in the sports and outdoor equipment industry by providing the insights needed to find out whether carriers are meeting the promises in your shipping agreements. We take the pain and paperwork out of parcel auditing so you can get the shipping refunds you’re entitled to and make smart decisions about policies.

Share a Refund services extend beyond shipment auditing. Share a Refund is the most sophisticated lost and damage claim filing service available to your business. With the lost and damage claim filing service enabled, Share a Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. You collect the refunds issued by the carriers without having to file the time-consuming claims manually. Share a Refund offers an additional carrier agreement optimization option to save 10-20% on shipping bringing profits back to your business. Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share a Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts ensuring the maximum amount of savings. By design, you can only save money using Share a Refund.

Enterprise-grade auditing deliveried without the complexity. Share a Refund turns electrons into dollars.

The dimensions on each shipment are checked against the costs assesed on a shipment. One of forty checks.

Irregularities in shipping activity are monitored closely by the auditing service inside of Share a Refund.

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