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Should I ship using air or ground transportation?

Should I ship using air or ground transportation

Carriers offer different types of shipping services, but most rely on trucks and airplanes as the primary modes of transportation. Both ground and air shipping serve a purpose, but differences between the methods of transportation do exist. Ground shipping is friendlier on the wallet, but takes longer and has more opportunity for delays. Air shipping expedites the process but comes at a higher price point.

It’s common for businesses to use a combination of both air and ground shipping. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before selecting ground or air shipping.

Where is my shipment being delivered?

FedEx, UPS and the USPS all provide a mix of ground and air transportation

If the distance is short enough, ground is generally the best option for your shipment. A delivery truck can ensure your shipment meets the deadline and is a more cost-effective solution. But if the customer is expecting two-day delivery and then the package needs to traverse thousands of miles, ground shipping might not meet the requirements.

FedEx, UPS and the USPS all provide a mix of ground and air transportation. A regional carrier can support ground shipments too. Regional carriers will focus on specific geographic regions, offer more personable service, advanced flexibility and various cost reduction options.

Is your shipment urgent?

Urgency is usually the deciding factor in choosing between air and ground. When you need to be precise, air transportation has fewer stops to make which means fewer delays. If you have a wider window of time, ground can get the job done. Air transportation is a reliable service to help shippers that need packages to arrive at a specific time.

What is your shipment size?

For oversized and heavy packages, ground transportation is the best choice when considering cost and capability

Delivery trucks and planes have space restrictions. If your company needs to move 500 large parcels, it’s more convenient to ship them using a fleet of trucks than it is to find space on several dozen planes.

For oversized and heavy packages, ground transportation is the best choice when considering cost and capability. Ground transportation is significantly more economical than air.

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Both air and ground transportation have different advantages and disadvantages. If you need to a definite delivery date and time, air transportation looks like the best fit. If you have more flexibility and are looking to reduce costs, ground shipping is a viable option. Most companies use a combination of air and ground to meet their customers’ needs. Whether you decide to send your items by land or air, Share a Refund is the shipment audit and parcel recovery app you need to save on shipping.

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