What are the steps in a shipment audit and recovery workflow?

parcel audit workflow

Streamlining workflow processes is a top priority for businesses. Many companies opt-in for automation to maximize their time and resources. Incorporating an effective workflow to track business-critical processes is a challenge facing many companies. When it comes to the shipping world, a good shipment audit system will boost productivity, shift the focus of employees to other urgent priorities and eliminate certain costs. Share A Refund’s automated shipment audit is an advantage for shippers of all sizes. Carrier invoices are complex, but that doesn’t mean the audit has to be. Today, we will walk you through the Share A Refund audit and recovery workflow using the infographic below.

Steps in a Share A Refund shipment audit and recovery workflow

Downloading invoices, performing a meticulous audit, submitting claims, verifying claims, compiling detailed reports and enabling easy online billing are the main steps in a superior shipment audit workflow. Visit Share A Refund to learn more about the parcel audit and recovery services or subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with news about Share A Refund.

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