Is my package large or oversized?

Is my UPS and FedEx shipment too big

More customers are turning to e-commerce to conveniently purchase items of all sizes. Both UPS and FedEx are discouraging oversized, bulky packages because they require additional handling and major adjustments when determining the logistics. If you plan to order that bunkbed for your kids, be prepared for serious fees to cover the cost of logistical inconveniences. Any package that doesn’t conform to the size and configuration guidelines established by UPS and FedEx incurs additional charges, which carriers define as either a large or oversize package fee.

Shipping a large package with UPS

UPS announced new rate changes that rolled out right before Christmas on December 24, 2017. It also listed additional rate increases effective July 8, 2018, which included the Large Package Surcharge for U.S. Domestic packages delivered to a residential address. This fee will increase an additional $10.00 to $90. UPS uses the criteria listed below to define a large package.

  • A Large Package Surcharge will be applied to each UPS package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches (330cm) but does not exceed the maximum UPS size of 165 inches (419cm).
  • Large Packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds (40kgs) in addition to the Large Package Surcharge.
  • An Additional Handling charge will not be assessed when a Large Package Surcharge is applied.

The billable weight for this package is still subject to dimensional weight guidelines.

Shipping an oversize package with FedEx Express and Ground

With FedEx Express service, the maximum package weight and dimensions for shipping are up to 150 lbs., up to 119 inches in length and 165 inches in length and girth. For FedEx Express, an oversize charge applies to packages that exceed 108 inches in length or 130 inches in length and girth. Again, the formula for girth is [(2 x width) + (2 x height)].

With FedEx Ground, packages up to 150 lbs., up to 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length plus girth can be shipped using this service. For FedEx Ground, an oversize charge applies to packages that exceed 130 inches in length and girth. U.S. express package services and U.S. and international ground services charge $80 per package.

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