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How technology transforms the shipment auditing and recovery experience for shippers

Parcel auditing technology grants uninterrupted workflow

Technology increases efficiency, creates consistency and improves productivity. Shipment recovery technology is no different. It gives businesses faster results without faltering. Here are some specifics on how shipment auditing and recovery technology transforms shippers’ experiences.

Shipment auditing technology guarantees accuracy

Sifting through hundreds of invoices to manually check for potential refunds is cumbersome. If someone hurries through the pile of invoices, the chances of retrieving 100% of refunds begin to diminish. For all UPS and FedEx shippers, there’s a limited time period immediately following an invoice being posted to your account where claims and disputes can be filed against billing mistakes. If you don’t want to lose the refund, the claims need to be filed quickly. Share A Refund eliminates human-error and leverages intuitive technology to amplify financial returns. Some auditors only thumb through invoices to look for major anomalies and fail to audit every single invoice. That’s not the case with Share A Refund. Our technology scans every invoice looking for service failures that include late shipments, residential surcharges, address corrections, double billing, voided shipment, and surcharges. UPS or FedEx will impose address correction charges for incorrectly formatted or improperly addressed shipments. Manual audits don’t normally drill down to such a granular level, meaning major refunds are missed.

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Parcel auditing technology grants uninterrupted workflow

At QuickBooks Connect one customer described Share A Refund as a “set-it-and-forget-it” app. Technology is a tool that revolutionizes operations. Share A Refund saves you time and money by eliminating shipment auditing errors, securing maximum refunds, and providing seamless integration without disrupting daily workflow. Share A Refund deploys proprietary software developed after years in the shipment auditing industry. Using industry best practices, a multipoint audit is performed in real-time providing precision and speed in the analysis performed on each shipment. To keep you from hunting for the refunds, emails arrive in your inbox showcasing the savings secured.

Shipment auditing technology scales with your business

Share A Refund is constantly looking to innovate and provide services that will continue to scale with businesses. With this in mind, Share A Refund integrated technology to file lost and damaged claims automatically. Depending on your shipping volume, these tasks can quickly deplete employee hours. On average, an employee spends ten hours week, or 520 hours a year, manually creating credit memos, downloading commercials invoices and filling out the claim forms provided by the carrier. This is time-intensive and doesn’t even take into account any follow-up calls that might need to happen.

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Parcel auditing technology provides proof of refunds

Shipment auditing and recovery technology should create transparency and build trust. When auditors lack sophisticated technology they can’t always provide detailed documentation on refunds returned. Share A Refund ensures the data you need is not only found at your fingertips but delivered to you weekly. Every credit is reconciled and proof of the actions taken by Share A Refund to get any given credit is readily available. Customers can find a convenient screenshot and invoice number where the refund was delivered. Invoicing is done only on the credits reconciled to action taken by Share A Refund to secure those refunds, rather than the total of the refunds listed on the shipping invoice.

As fuel surcharges climb and carrier fees increase now, more than ever before, is the time to consider using shipment auditing technology to your advantage.

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