Most companies offer a money-back guarantee, or a satisfaction guarantee, on their product or service. If your expectations aren’t met, you can cancel the service at any time for a full refund. Companies enforce and pride themselves on offering a money back guarantee. To improve customer service and show confidence in their product or service, businesses will proclaim, “If you don’t absolutely love it, you can return it for a 100% refund immediately!” Did you know the common carriers offer a money-back guarantee as well?

If your UPS Next-Day Air package did not arrive on time, you are eligible for a refund. There is a catch though. Carriers don’t voluntarily give you a refund and most refund-eligible shipments are still paid for by the customer. UPS and FedEx offer an excellent money-back guarantee on Ground and Express shipments but hope their customers don’t cash in on the refund their entitled to receive. Crediting shippers by fulfilling the money-back guarantee automatically would cost each carrier millions of dollars annually. To add to the challenge, carriers require the shipper to identify the refund-eligible shipment and request a credit within the narrow fifteen-day window. They don’t want to make things easy for the customer. If your business handles large amounts of inbound and outbound packages every week, the hassle of chasing refunds only leaves you with wasted hours.

Is every package guaranteed a refund?

Unfortunately, the exceptions that arise like holiday seasons, weather delays, oversized packages, illegible labels and even identifying flaws in the shipping agreement on the customer’s side make it difficult to identify the shipments that will actually receive the money-back guarantee refund.  You don’t want to spend time submitting a refund request after accepting a late delivery only to find out it’s been rejected for one of the reasons mentioned above. There is a more efficient way to detect and secure lost dollars from late UPS and FedEx shipments.

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Auditing shipments for late delivery times

Both carriers have sophisticated technology capabilities and can track, down to the minute, when they deliver a package. UPS calculates delivery time and if the package is even a minute late Share A Refund works behind the scenes to secure that refund. Share A Refund deploys proprietary software developed after years in the shipment auditing industry. Using industry best practices, a comprehensive multipoint audit is performed in near real-time providing precision and speed in the analysis performed on each shipment. Once a guaranteed service refund (GSR) has been requested for the package Share A Refund tracks the refund until it’s credited back to your account. Each week emails related to shipment activity, including details on UPS and FedEx late delivery refunds, are sent to the recipients specified within a customer account in a practical and actionable format. Guarantee savings with Share A Refund.

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