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UPS loses life-changing shipment

UPS loses canadian man's inheritance and offers 32 dollars for compensation

We often don’t think to protect our shipments until it’s a little too late. One shocked UPS customer witnessed how damaged shipments develop when she looked out her window to see a UPS driver chunking packages at the pavement. Holiday shipments that arrive looking like they got beat up in a boxing match are potential candidates for the Share A Refund lost and damaged claim filing service. Share A Refund created its lost and damaged claim filing service to alleviate the burden of manually filing these taxing and time-consuming claims.

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Losing a shipment when there’s a lot on the line

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a lost or damaged shipment, you know firsthand how frustrating it can be. For some shippers, UPS’ inability to ship accurately is having costly effects. UPS lost a man’s $700,000 inheritance according to reports circulating earlier this week. To make matters worse, the carrier offered a measly $32 to pacify the irritated customer. Not only did the inheritance undergo a disappearing act, but UPS failed to provide an adequate response to the oversight.

Another Central Texas woman claimed her life-saving medicine for her unborn child was completely ruined due to the negligence of FedEx. Instead of leaving the package on the porch, it was found hours too late stashed behind the birdbath. Leaving the package in an incorrect location caused the medicine that’s vital for a healthy pregnancy to become ineffective

Should I get shipping insurance?

In a perfect world, all packages would reach their destinations on time and in pristine condition. There would be no need for shipping insurance. Today people protect their investments. A smartphone is protected by an indestructible case and valuable shipments require proper insurance. If you are a shipper, shipment insurance is a non-negotiable and a way to mitigate risk. You can select a form of insurance through your carrier or a third-party provider.

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On average, UPS ships 16 million packages and documents a day across the nation. The influx of lost and damaged shipments coincides with the influx of holiday shipments in transit. Inevitably, a shipment will fall through the cracks placing it into the lost category. Filing these claims individually can become a hassle as you jump through multiple hoops to obtain a refund. It took the family of the lost inheritance getting the media involved to find a solution. Share A Refund’s lost and damaged shipment recovery service will help remove the stress from filing these claims on your own and chasing down the carrier for a response.

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