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Are you missing out on a FedEx or UPS money-back guarantee?

money back guarantee ups fedex late shipments

Money-back guarantees are popular strategies for businesses. I’m sure you’ve heard a sales associate or person in a commercial excitedly say, “Our 100% money-back guarantee means if you’re not completely satisfied with our product, we’ll refund your purchase!” That’s quite a bold statement. Most companies pride themselves on offering a money-back guarantee to improve customer service and show confidence in their product or service. Did you know the common carriers like UPS and FedEx offer a money-back guarantee as well? If your shipment is even one minute late, you are eligible for a refund. Are you missing out on a money-back guarantee?

When late shipments translate to lost dollars

On-time performance is critical for shippers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL because if a shipment arrives late it negatively impacts the experience of both the sender and receiver of the shipment. Carriers emphasize accurate delivery methods to customers, but that doesn’t mean they are going to make any effort to inform you of the cost-saving option to secure your deserved refund when a parcel is late. The reality is that most refund-eligible shipments are still paid for by the customer. If carriers automatically refunded shippers after late shipments, massive amounts of money would be drained from their profit margins. UPS and FedEx offer the money-back guarantee as a courtesy but hope no shipper cashes in on the offered refund. Unfortunately, exceptions do arise like weather delays, oversized packages, illegible labels and even identifying a flaw in the shipping agreement on the customer’s side make it difficult to find the shipments eligible for a refund.

How you can instantly recover your refund

Sometimes it takes a frustrated call from your customer to even know the shipment was late and that prompts you to search for some form of a refund. What better way to reduce shipping costs, right? There’s a catch though. Both UPS and FedEx require the shipper to identify the refund-eligible shipment and request a credit within the tight fifteen-day window. Every overlooked late shipment represents lost dollars that could have been put back into your business. Depending on how many shipments are being sent, it can be incredibly chaotic to check every single shipment for late deliveries and weed out the eligible refunds. Share A Refund eliminates the guesswork, using an industry-leading auditing process that works rapidly to find the shipments eligible for a refund. No refund will be missed with a comprehensive audit performed on every shipment.

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