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No follow up needed: Share A Refund tracks refund credits from start to finish

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Think of Share A Refund like a digital detective that initiates a comprehensive audit, submits claims on eligible shipments, and diligently tracks refunds until verified. Share A Refund tracks claims and reconciles credits to secure monetary refunds on your shipping accounts. Unlike some auditors who take a cut of every refund secured, Share A Refund only splits the refunds where actions were taken by Share A Refund.

What kind of claims are tracked and verified by Share A Refund?

Share A Refund tracks all money-back guarantee claims that are submitted by the claim submission service and verifies that approved claims are credited back to shipping accounts either as credits on a future invoice or as refunds credited to the card on file with FedEx or UPS. Money-back guarantee claims that are not submitted by Share A Refund’s claim submission service are not tracked through the verification service.

Share A Refund tracks the shipping labels voided by the shipment voiding service and verifies successful voids are credited back to shipping accounts.  Shipping labels voided by the shipper are tracked through the verification service and reported as canceled within the Share A Refund application.

Share A Refund tracks the notifications sent to third-party shippers for unused shipping labels and verifies successful voids are credited back to shipping accounts. Shipping labels voided by third-parties that are not included within the unused shipping label notification feature in Share A Refund are not tracked through the verification service.

Each credit is analyzed and reconciled using automated processes that are fast and accurate. Easy to read dashboards showcase the actions taken to reclaim refunds and the amount of refund credits secured.

Learn more about claim verification service: Share A Refund claim verification service

Accurate tracking of refund credits

Share A Refund provides an industry-leading claim verification service that tracks all auditing activities and reconciles each refund credit to actions taken by Share A Refund to secure that refund credit. The credit verification process used by Share A Refund creates accuracy in reporting and assurance in billing with no follow up needed on your part.

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