Introducing Linked Users by Share A Refund

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Share A Refund is introducing Linked Users as a new feature designed to increase transparency and execute business processes at an accelerated rate. Other transportation auditing systems either lack a multiple user feature or charge an additional user license. Share A Refund wants to keep your team all on the same page at no extra cost to you. Collaboration has never been easier.

Benefits of using Linked Users

Success is so much sweeter when it’s shared. Empower users to collect and analyze shipping data from multiple sources to produce advanced reports and enable decision making. Plan and execute supply chain changes using real-time information. Remove data analytics bottlenecks by granting access to multiple users in the organization. Learn what strategies will move the business forward.

How Linked Users works

Only admin users can add additional colleagues to the account. Follow the directions outlined below or go to the Share A Refund Support Portal for additional information.

  1. Once logged in to your customer account, tap on Settings in the left sidebar.
  2. Navigate to the Invite Users card.
  3. Input the email addresses of colleagues.
  4. Tap Invite button.

Next steps for invited users

An email is sent to each added email address. The recipient must tap the button within the email to register a linked user account. Once registered, the User will be added to your account automatically.

You can also delete or disable a user in the instance that an employee leaves the company or is transferred to a different division.

Resellers manage customers’ accounts all in one place

The Linked Users feature helps make managing your customers’ accounts a breeze. Connect the email addresses of sales reps with the selected customers’ accounts, so the entire team can quickly access important data between accounts when you need to.

How Linked Users works

As an admin, you can add a user to a customer’s account following the directions outlined below or on the Share A Refund Support Portal.

  1. Once logged in, navigate to left sidebar and tap on Users.
  2. Locate the customer in the window.
  3. Tap Login as User button.
  4. Once impersonating the customer, move to the left sidebar and tap Settings.
  5. Navigate to the Invite Users card.
  6. List the email addresses that require access.
  7. Tap Invite button.
  8. Repeat the steps for each individual email address.

Note: A unique email address is required on each account. Duplicate email addresses cannot be listed on multiple accounts. You can use Gmail features to create multiple email addresses.

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