Government agencies parcel audit

Government agencies depend on shipping to keep their departments on schedule. From the United States Department of Defense to the Small Business Administration, government agencies process sensitive material on a daily basis. And with federal funding, many of these programs could benefit from extra savings. There’s a reason why carriers make it difficult to detect issues and process refunds. The more you can’t detect, the more they pocket. This is because, per licensing agreements, carrier software doesn’t provide the capabilities to detect late shipments and other issues. With Share A Refund, your government agency will have a surefire way for saving money without exerting effort.

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A handful of government agencies are experiencing financial droughts. Allocating money to specific programs, organizations, and taxpayers is no easy task, and funding quickly runs out. Share A Refund’s goal is to help funnel savings back into the agencies they belong by analyzing each shipment in search for potential errors. This ensures you’re keeping money in your pockets and can better manage expenses.

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