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As a federal agency, you might be managing America’s natural resources, providing financial oversight or monitoring national security issues and gathering intelligence. Federal agencies perform some of the most vital duties for our nation including shipping proprietary documents and time-sensitive materials. Whether it’s domestic or international shipping, overcharges on shipments are hard to catch leaving money unclaimed. That’s where Share a Refund wants to help. For the lowest possible cost in shipping, agencies choose Share a Refund’s parcel auditing software to retain those lost dollars.

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Share a Refund was engineered to support federal agency logistic operations with automation and data-driven intelligence. Think of Share a Refund software as a personal audit manager for your agency. Each shipment is reviewed by the most up-to-date technology and designed to save you money on shipping. If there’s a billing mistake, Share a Refund identifies it. If there’s damaged or lost shipments, Share a Refund submits the claim automatically.

Share a Refund exists to improve efficiency across your shipping processes, with a comprehensive audit performed on each shipment billed to your UPS account. If a mistake or overcharge is found, Share a Refund files a dispute automatically, with the exact information required by the carriers to deliver a refund back to your account. These refunds are automatically applied as credits to your shipping invoices. And once those savings have been secured Share a Refund reports on the success. It’s all upside for your agency. You collect 2-5% in refunds that you’re likely not collecting currently, and Share a Refund splits the savings secured by Share a Refund, 50-50. Make the hassle-free, no-risk move to get the savings you deserve.

Great tech that used by many agencies to audit shipping invoices

Everything’s automatic. No extra work for anyone on your staff.

Spend and frequency graphs for department reports.

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