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The wedding industry requires the utmost care of products and reliability of services. All material needs to be delivered in a timely and safe manner. To help you save costs without cutting corners, Share a Refund uses a proprietary software service that ensures your customers are more thrilled than ever about their big day, and you repeat the monetary benefits, too.

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There’s a lot that goes into packaging, shipping and delivery.

As a retailer of wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, you understand that a lot goes into packaging and delivery. Dealing with so much precious cargo requires careful attention to detail. Mistakes in the delivery process can add up in the thousands range, cutting into your profit and potentially ruining a wedding. Share a Refund’s parcel auditing solution makes it easy for you to identify and collect money from all errors being made by your shipping and logistics partners. Share a Refund offers the most sophisticated lost and damage claim filing service available. Disappointment strikes any customer who finds their product damaged. With the lost and damage claim filing service enabled, Share a Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. You collect the refunds issued by the carriers without having to file the time-consuming claims manually.
There’s no upfront or ongoing fees — just a split of the savings secured by Share a Refund, benefiting everyone involved. Share a Refund even negotiates carrier contracts on your behalf, saving anywhere from 10-20% on shipping. Share a Refund saves you time by completing professional, comprehensive auditing on your behalf so you can focus on making your customer’s wedding dreams come true.

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