Parcel auditing add-on for software companies

Late packages, carrier mistakes, and unused shipping labels all add up to create unfair fees for businesses around the world. Software companies can no longer “spotcheck” their invoices for inaccuracies. The process of manually auditing software takes up a significant amount of man hours and leaves too much room for errors. On the other hand, most major reseller programs cost an arm and a leg and create an unfair advantage for major corporations. Through the Share A Refund Merchant Program, your software company can provide proprietary parcel auditing software as a value add service to your customers, regardless of size.

Through the program, your software company generates passive income while eliminating waste spend for your clients. How does it work? Simple. Each shipment is automatically audited for mistakes, and refund claims are automatically to the carrier and credited to the customer’s shipping account. Rather than charge obnoxious fees, your software company can then invoice the client for half the amount of refunds secured.

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Create more value for customers with shipment auditing as a service

Set your business apart from other software companies by solidifying customer relationships with specific, customized parcel auditing services. Part of the value add service lies not just in saving your clients money, but in helping them identify key areas of opportunity. Through your branded version of Share A Refund’s comprehensive invoice auditing software, you can help your clients pinpoint weak areas, reduce expenses, and negotiate better carrier contracts. You’re already recognized for delivering software that makes a difference, so why not be the go-to for a full range of shipment services? Getting started is easy, and with a low-risk setup, getting a customer to sign on is more simple than ever. Set your business apart from other software companies by solidifying customer relationships with specific, customized parcel auditing services. Share A Refund services extend beyond shipment auditing to include additional cost-reducing services.

Lost and damage claims service

For many shippers, the process of filing claims for lost and damaged shipments is completely manual. The collection of documents, data entry, and filing of claims takes upwards of 20 minutes on each and every claim. There’s a better way. Share A Refund automates the entire process. Learn more

Carrier agreement optimization

Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share A Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts saving your customers 10-20% on shipping. Learn more

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