Share a Refund expands into Canada

Canadian businesses that ship with FedEx and UPS are now able to sign up for Share a Refund, the small parcel auditing service that automatically secures refunds on various billing mistakes commonly found on shipping invoices.

The official launch of Share a Refund in Canada was this morning, following a pilot program with select businesses throughout Canada, in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan during the month of December.

We were eager to be included in the pilot program for Canada. Our company, The Barbell Box, is a fitness based monthly subscription box service that sends out hundreds of boxes each month full of supplements, clothing and other fitness products to customers across North America. Shipping is a big part of what we do, and there’s not nearly enough time in the day to check for overcharges, especially to the degree that Share a Refund checks each shipment. It’s a solid app that delivers us huge time and cost savings every month.

Share a Refund secures refunds from carriers in the form of credits that are applied to customers’ Fedex and UPS invoices. All work is done 100% on a performance basis, in that there are no upfront or ongoing fees, just a split of the savings secured by Share a Refund on a customer’s behalf.

The biggest challenge we faced in expanding into the Canadian market was managing multiple currencies. Shipping invoices that are denominated in Canadian dollars (CAD) get credited in CAD, which means that our split of the savings must also be denominated in CAD, transacted in CAD, then exchanged for USD and routed to our US-based deposit accounts. Doing this without incurring extra transaction costs or exchange rate risks was a huge accomplishment for Ankit and the engineering team, and a credit to the quality of design built into Share a Refund.

Comprehensive Auditing

Share a Refund secures all potential refunds available. An analysis is performed on each package, and refund claims are immediately filed for refund with FedEx and UPS.

Risk-free Service

Share a Refund operates on a performance basis. The 50-50 split of any refunds delivered is the fee for our hard work. If you are a larger company and would like to negotiate a lower rate, then please contact us to discuss further.

Cost-effective Alternative 

Managing shipment auditing internally takes time, and costs money. Share a Refund does all the work faster than doing the work manually. Outsourcing to an existing third-party? We’ll be their price. Call us.

Best Software Available

Share a Refund is owned and operated by software engineers. This result is a better product at a better price. Share a Refund is #1 in shipment auditing.

Expansion plans for 2017 include adding over a dozen more countries to the Share a Refund offering and support for multiple languages. To learn more about Share a Refund and the small parcel auditing services built into the platform, visit

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