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Parcel shipping is a huge part of your RV parts and supplies business, and chances are that you are overpaying for shipping. The good news is that reducing your parcel fees is easy with Share a Refund shipping auditing software. The app is designed to automatically submit shipping refund claims and delivers weekly savings. Best of all, Share a Refund provides the data you need to improve shipping practices as your business grows.

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Shipping errors are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should pay for them.

UPS, FedEx, and DHL do a great job of getting your RV parts and supplies to customers in a timely manner. However, these companies know that mistakes are bound to happen. They’ve set up their claims process in a complex manner, causing many refunds to go unclaimed. Share a Refund uses a comprehensive parcel audit system to ensure you get the refunds you are entitled to. Thanks to our superior technology, RV parts and supplies wholesalers, e-commerce retailers, and superstores can save an expected 2-6% on shipping costs.
Share a Refund services don’t stop there. Share a Refund is the most sophisticated lost and damage claim filing service available to your business. With the lost and damage claim filing service enabled, Share a Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment. You collect the refunds issued by the carriers without having to file the time-consuming claims manually. Share a Refund offers an additional carrier agreement optimization option to save 10-20% on shipping bringing profits back to your business. Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you don’t understand, but the Share a Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts ensuring the maximum amount of savings. By design, Share a Refund can only save you money.

Dimensional weight accuracy is one of fourty different points checked on every single shipment.

Share a Refund checks each delivery area surcharge to be sure that there’s no billing mistakes.

Why gamble with cost savings? Share a Refund does it better than anyone else. Sign up and save.

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