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The Share A Refund app is a centralized hub for parcel managed services. The claim submission service is one feature that processes all shipments within a FedEx or UPS account eligible for a refund in near real-time. Claims submitted by Share A Refund for late delivery, duplicate charges, commercial surcharges, and more get refunded quickly and have a high rate of approval. Let’s take a look at the money back guarantee and how the claim submission process works.

Are you losing money on late shipments?

On-time performance is critical for shippers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL because if a shipment arrives late it negatively impacts the experience of both the sender and receiver of the shipment. Even after emphasizing accurate delivery to customers, that doesn’t mean carriers are going to make any effort to inform you of this cost-saving option of securing your deserved refunds.

The unfortunate reality is that most refund-eligible shipments are still paid for by the customer. If carriers automatically refunded shippers after late shipments, massive amounts of money would be drained from their profit margins. Refunds for late deliveries require claims to be submitted, making shipping recovery difficult and time lost indefinitely.

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Automatic claim submissions secure savings swiftly

Claims are submitted immediately. Before you’re even able to grab your morning coffee at work, the claim has already been submitted. Faster submittals increase the probability of a refund credit being approved by the FedEx or UPS. For all shippers, there’s a limited window of time immediately following an invoice being posted to your account where claims and disputes can be filed against billing mistakes. During this time, each refund must be captured or it’s at risk of being lost forever. The quality of the audit is fairly dependent on the speed in which the claims are submitted. For those manually auditing shipments, sifting through hundreds of invoices to check for potential refunds is time-consuming. If someone hurries through the invoices, the chances of retrieving 100% of refunds begin to decrease significantly.

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Share A Refund knows exactly what carriers need

With Share A Refund, money back guarantee claims are submitted with context and in an expeditious manner. Proper documentation increases the probability of FedEx and UPS approving the refund credit on a claim. Share A Refund provides exactly what billing agents look for in approving refund claims for each claim submitted. Claims are submitted before the payment date of an invoice; usually within a few hours of an invoice being added to a shipping account. This is strategic. Unpaid invoices are credited faster and with a higher percentage of approval. Share A Refund files refund claims as early as possible, maximizing the probability of refund credit claim requests being approved. The information included within the refund claims and the timing of claim submissions are engineered to maximize the number of refunds delivered. Share A Refund sees to it that no deserved dollars are lost.

Share A Refund doesn’t stop until savings are secured

All claims and disputes are submitted electronically with FedEx and UPS by Share A Refund’s proprietary communication platform. The response on these claims is then read into a decision engine that performs exception handling according to the type of exception returned. Technical limitations, inaccurate information and system failures on behalf of the carriers are just some of the claim rejection and failure criteria encountered intermittently. In such cases, Share A Refund resubmits claims, places phone calls, sends faxes or submits tickets with FedEx and UPS as the remedial action directed workflows, all systematized, algorithmically tracked and reported in detail within the claim submission reporting service.

Make the simple switch to Share A Refund

Companies of all sizes, including large enterprises and governmental entities, use Share A Refund to submit money back guarantee claims. Share A Refund is more economical compared to the time expense of processing refund claims internally. Too often the hassle that comes with collecting a refund just isn’t worth it. Share A Refund helps to remove the hassle and recover your refunds quickly.

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