How to register third-party shippers for a UPS account

The guide below details the steps within Share A Refund to register third-party shippers for a UPS account. Registering third-party shippers makes possible the automated notifications of unused shipping labels feature, available to Share A Refund Customers. This feature makes it easy to manage unused shipping labels created by third-parties, and emails third-party shippers a list of unused shipping labels, along with step-by-step instructions on voiding unused shipping labels. Learn more about Share A Refund’s automated communication platform and how it helps companies better manage third-party shippers. Learn more.

Getting started

Login to the Share A Refund app.

Select a UPS account within the shipping accounts table

From the homepage of the dashboard, look for the shipping accounts table near the top of the page.

Note: All shipping accounts are viewable within the View All option detailed on this page (use as needed).

Note: The direct path below showcases all registered shipping accounts (use as needed).

Scroll down to third-party non-voided shipments table

Within a UPS account, scroll down the page to find the third-party non-voided shipments table.

non-voided third-party shipping labels table

Select a row to register a third-party shipper

Under the actions column, select Add shipper to register a shipment to a third-party shipper.

unregistered third-party shipper records

Note: the status of unregistered in this table implies that Share A Refund could not assign the unused shipping label to a registered third-party shipper. It is likely the case that the third-party shipper hasn’t yet been registered within the Share A Refund application.

Assign the shipping label to a third-party shipper

Option 1: Assign an existing third-party shipper

The dropdown field shown below can be used to assign the unused shipping label to a previously registered third-party shipper. To do so, simply select from the list of registered shippers.

assign unused shipping label to registered shipper

  • Note: Share A Refund automatically assigns shipments to third-party shippers, when the information related to a shipment matches a shipment previously assigned to a shipper. This process can take up to one hour depending on the number of shipments within an account.

Option 2: Create a new third-party shipper

In the case that a third-party shipper is not listed within the existing shippers dropdown, use the form on the right to create a new shipper profile. Upon registration, any shipping labels related to a third-party shipper will be assigned to that shipper automatically. This process can take up to one hour depending on the number of shipments within an account.

register new third-party shipperthird-party shipper multiple email addresses for unused UPS labels

  • Note: Entering all fields completely for a shipper profile improves the accuracy of auto-assigning shipments to a shipper.
  • Note: Multiple email addresses can be listed for a third-party shipper. The email addresses listed here receive weekly notification of any unused shipping labels billed to your UPS account.
  • Note: The Emails Enabled option Yes sends a weekly notification to the email addresses listed for a third-party shipper, including a list of all unused shipping labels created within a shipper’s UPS account that were billed to your UPS account. Included on this list are any shipping labels more than 30 days old with a current status of unshipped and unvoided. Also within this email are articles within the Share A Refund knowledge base, which detail step-by-step instructions on how to void unused shipping labels on as well as billing issues related to unused shipping labels.
  • Note: The Emails Enabled option No disables the weekly notification of unused shipping labels feature for that shipper account.

Next steps

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