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Enable online billing for your FedEx account

Online billing allows FedEx customers to access more features on the website, including:

  • Instant access to invoices.
  • 180 days of invoice history.
  • Online dispute features.
  • Online management of payment methods.
  • Share A Refund’s shipment auditing.

The guide below details the process for enabling FedEx Billing Online for accounts that are currently receiving paper invoices.

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Navigate to FedEx Billing Online.

Option 1: Navigate the Top Menu: Manage > View Pay Bills

fedex view/pay bills dropdown menu item

Option 2: Select the direct path listed below

Step 3: Enter your account number

Option 1: Select a FedEx account from your online profile (i.e. combobox shown below)

Option 2: Enter a nine-digit FedEx account number (i.e. text field shown below)

fedex enroll online billing account number request

Note: if you don’t know your account number, then proceed with the following steps, before returning back to this step:

  • Go to the homepage of
  • Select My Profile on the top right menu.
  • Select Account Management on the left sidebar.
  • Copy and paste the account number within.
  • Proceed to Option 2, detailed above.

Step 4: Confirm registration

Select the continue button at the bottom of the page. By clicking this, you’ll be receiving a notification via email each time an invoice is created within your online account. It’s important to note that you will no longer be receiving a paper invoice via mail. Such documents can be printed off within the self-help services available online at

fedex online billing registration

Step 5: Notify Share A Refund of this change

Enabling FedEx online billing allows Share A Refund to proceed with shipment auditing on the account. Please contact customer service with indication of this change to your FedEx account so shipment auditing services can commence on this FedEx account.

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