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Home and garden ecommerce retailers may ship everything from small home decor items to heavy furniture on custom-built pallets. This variety of parcel size and weight can make shipping logistics a nightmare to manage. How are you supposed to choose to most favorable carrier and set fair shipping rates, especially when carriers frequently increase rates and make mistakes that work against you? One solution is to use Share A Refund to audit FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipments. The free parcel and freight auditing app will make sure you aren’t overpaying for home and garden product shipping by automatically finding late deliveries and carrier errors and filing refunds on your behalf. The analytics and reports provided for free give you better insight into which class is most profitable. Yes, improving shipping logistics really is that easy and it costs nothing in fees or surcharges!

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Setting shipping policies is one of the most difficult parts of running a home and garden online retail store. Customer expectations are incredibly high and you know that free shipping and returns will increase sales and decrease cart abandonment, but those policies are also costing your business a fortune in shipping fees. To make matters worse, there is only so much you can do to optimize shipping policies on your end. Once your products leave the warehouse, they are in the hands of FedEx, UPS, or DHL. You have to trust the shipping providers to get the products to their destination safely and meet guaranteed delivery times. Often, this does not happen and your company is the one who pays the price in harmed customer relationships.

Share A Refund is here to help with comprehensive parcel auditing, lost and damage claim filing service and carrier agreement optimization. While Share A Refund is best known as a free parcel auditing app that finds more refund opportunities than other similar solutions, the app can do much more to help your e-commerce business take control of shipping. Share A Refund gives users valuable logistics management data, such as geo charts and reports. You will be able to see how much services like furniture delivery and heavy equipment shipping are really costing you and which carriers are providing the best rates for the various home and garden products you offer. Use these shipping analytics to pool carriers, choose the carriers with the best rates, and reduce shipping costs so you can remain competitive in the e-commerce industry. Share A Refund experts can negotiate your carrier contract on your behalf, tapping into 10-20% on shipping savings. Spend less time in the weeds of UPS and FedEx contracts and more time on your core business. By design, Share A Refund can only save you money.

Accuracy is important assessing overcharges on shipping inoivces. Share A Refund does it better than anyone.

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Share A Refund audits shipments and files claims on the same day. Faster auditing means more savings for you.

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