Defense logistics agency parcel audit​

The Defense Logistics Agency manages multiple supply chains and millions of items that are critical to national defense and peacetime operations. With more than 130,000 requisitions and nearly 10,000 contract actions daily, the DLA is a valuable market for vendors. However, maintaining good relationships with the Defense Logistics Agency means meeting their stringent contracting agreements. Supply chain management and shipping logistics are key, and your Transportation Management Software can’t always deliver on all fronts. Share a Refund is an add-on to your TMS which allows you to audit all parcels sent as a DLA vendor to optimize delivery times and automatically claim refunds to reduce shipping costs.

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Optimize DLA delivery time

The Defense Logistics Agency motto is “Around the Clock, Around the World.” As a DLA vendor, you are expected to perform by this motto and get all parcels sent to DLA customers quickly and efficiently. Under its Premium Service partnership with the DLA, FedEx guarantees CONUS delivery within 24 hours and OCONUS delivery within 48 hours. However, errors occur and result in cost losses for your company. When you sign up for Share a Refund, every parcel sent through FedEx as well as UPS and DHL will be analyzed. If a parcel is even one minute late, a refund claim will be filed. All of these late deliveries are tracked in the dashboard where you can view them. Charts and reports allow you to see where and when carriers are most frequently failed to meet their guaranteed delivery times. Armed with shipping analytics, you can better pool shipping carriers and choose the options which prove most reliable. Not only do you improve relationships with DLA contacts by meeting delivery times, but you also immediately save money on shipping by negotiating better contracts with carriers, reducing paperwork, and tapping into parcel refunds. Share a Refund works as an add-on to your existing TMS and costs absolutely nothing to use.

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