parcel auditing software for cost consultants

Parcel auditing software for cost consultant clients

Running a cost cutting consultancy is hard work. That’s why using automated tools to help find and reduce expenses for your clients is essential. Share a Refund gives you a platform to do just that on your clients FedEx, UPS and DHL shipping accounts. Stop referring to others. Start your own shipment auditing and automated recovery practice.

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All app interfaces showcase your brand name and logo.

Styled reports showcase your brand name and logo.

Emails showcase your brand name and logo.

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Everything is done for you

Downloading and invoice auditing is automated.

Claim and dispute filing is automated.

Invoicing and reporting is automated.

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Software built for your cost-cutting consultancy.

Add value to your brand with branded tech.

Superior code is the competitive advantage.

Sell it as your own product to your customers.

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Franchise parcel auditing software as a service

A common place to look to save your clients money is on shipping. The contracts are fat, the invoices are complex and big gains can be made renegotiating agreements to yield cost reduction. But what about ongoing auditing of invoices for contract adherence? Doing so without the aid of software is impossible. It takes too long, and doesn’t yield enough savings to justify doing the act whatsoever. So, most cost cutting consultants simply refer clients to a preferred vendor and take a commission as a finder’s fee. There is a better way.

Share a Refund developed a program to help cost-cutting consultants keep the shipment auditing and recovery process in-house, with a brandable platform that automatically audits your clients’ invoices and files claims with the carriers.

All app interfaces, emails, reports, everything is branded with your name and logo. Even the credit card statements show your name as the bill to company. The software was designed to work for your business, and extend the brand name you’ve already built. Your customers won’t even know that Share a Refund exists.

As for billing, you’re in control of how your customers are billed, a percentage of the savings delivered, per claim filed or per shipment audited, as well as the payment terms.

The cost-reducing services don’t stop there. Share a Refund is the most sophisticated lost and damage claim filing service available to your clients. For many shippers, the process of filing claims for lost and damaged shipments is completely manual. The collection of documents, data entry, and filing of claims takes upwards of 20 minutes on every claim. There’s a better way. Share a Refund automates the entire process. Ultimately, saving your clients time and money.

Share a Refund offers an additional carrier agreement optimization option for direct customers and resellers. Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into shipping contracts that they hope you fail to notice, but the Share a Refund experts negotiate complicated contracts saving your clients 10-20% on shipping.

Best of all, there’s no setup fees or monthly fees to use this software in your practice. Share a Refund works on a revenue sharing basis, which means you can start small, test it and scale your practice organically.

Add shipment auditing software as a service to you cost cutting consultancy by the end of the week. Share a Refund is the parcel auditing engine that will make it happen.

Marketing materials, phone scripts and online tools are provided at the onset of your program.

The revenue-sharing model gives Share a Refund a vested interest in your success.

All the auditing, filing, invoicing and processing of credit card payments is done for you.

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#1 invoice auditing software for your business

There’s a reason Share a Refund won the largest cash prize ever awarded to an app.

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