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Are you paying for your shipping carrier’s mistakes?

Fedex and UPS shipping surcharges and fees

Carrier mistakes lead to lost dollars for shippers. Carriers don’t always automatically correct their errors and refund customers. In fact, the responsibility falls on shippers to audit every shipment and secure refunds. Here are three areas where you could actually be paying for your shipping carrier’s mistakes.

Late shipments lead to lost dollars

On-time performance is critical for shippers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL because if a shipment arrives late it negatively impacts the experience of both the sender and receiver of the shipment. Because of their emphasis on timely deliveries, major carriers do offer a money-back guarantee. If your shipment is even a minute late, you could be eligible for a full refund. If you haven’t seen any late-shipment refunds on your invoices, it’s because carriers make no effort to inform shippers of this cost-saving option. Shippers must take the initiative to file for a refund within the short window of time.

Depending on how many shipments are being sent, it can be a time-consuming hassle to check every single shipment for late deliveries and weed out the eligible refunds. Share A Refund eliminates the guesswork, using an industry-leading auditing software that works swiftly to find the shipments eligible for a refund. No refund will be missed with a comprehensive audit performed on every shipment.

Address correction charges add up

If a carrier has to complete or correct any address in order to finish delivering the package, then a fee for that can be found on your invoice. Of course, there are valid address correction fees when the shipper swapped digits in the address and impeded the carrier’s delivery process. On the other hand, there are invalid address correction fees. An invalid address correction fee would be charged if the shipper typed building instead of unit.

Shipment auditing and recovery software will provide you with address correction information. Comprehensive data reports divide refunds by type to show you an accurate view of where refunds are being found. The data can be leveraged to update the shipper’s systems to avoid the same errors in the future. Share A Refund parcel auditing checks for invalid address correction charges and ensures the refund is credited back to your account.

Residential surcharges set shippers back

A residential surcharge is a delivery made to a home, including a business operating out of a home. For each residential delivery, an additional charge per shipment applies. You’ll get hit with this fee if either the delivery address entered in the shipping system or the actual delivery address is deemed residential by the carrier. Let’s say your friend operates a hair salon out of her home. Any shipments sent to her will be charged as residential.

Shipping carriers list office blocks and residential zones but can get the classification wrong. When this happens, you end up paying more for a delivery when it’s incorrectly identified as a residence. These surcharges can be hard to catch especially if you ship to both residential and commercial locations.

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