4 quick ways to protect your holiday shipments

porch pirates steal christmas gift of holiday shoppers

The holidays are traditionally the season for giving, but for some, it’s the season of stealing. Between porch pirates, lost packages and damaged shipments there are many ways your shipment delivery could go awry. 11 million packages are stolen each year off front porches across the United States. The holidays are a time when on-time, intact shipments are paramount. We have compiled a few tips to help keep your presents protected as they travel to their final destination.

Pick a parcel locker

“Porch Pirates” run rampant during the holiday season as they scout for doorstep deliveries and swipe shipments from porches. Not everybody is open to the idea of leaving packages on the front doorstep during the holidays. Shipment lockers give customers a safer alternative to displaying packages on your doorstep for everybody to see. Major carriers and Amazon all have shipment locker options in designated areas to make retrieving shipments safe and convenient.

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Use an alternative address

If you want to avoid a carrier leaving your shipment on the doorstep, consider looping in a trusted neighbor to receive the package. If your place of employment allows personal packages, have the carrier drop the package off directly at your workplace. Sure, you have to carry the shipments to your car, but it’s better than having them disappear from your doorstep.

Select shipping insurance

Carriers have little concern for being competitive in the insurance market, but third-party shippers focus solely on providing competitive insurance solutions. Third-party shippers offer a straightforward process that makes sense for your business and often offers more comprehensive coverage at a significantly lower rate. Shipping insurance adds to the protection while your package is in transit.

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Require a signature

If your shipment is transporting an item of high value, require that the recipient sign for the package. This prevents the merchandise from remaining exposed on the porch for the curious passersby to notice.

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